Saturday, December 03, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Twitter Files: Hunter Biden Laptop Edition

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 • The Twitter Files: Hunter Biden Laptop Edition Matt Taibbi
 • How Twitter Helped Elect Joe Biden Power Line
 • Destroyed ecosystems, drugs and child slavery are outputs of ‘renewable’ energy Olivia Murray
 • Katie Hobbs’ Office Threatened Felony Arrests If They Didn’t Certify Results Becker
 • DOJ Probed Tara Reade After She Mentioned Joe Biden’s Sexual Harassment Diana Glebova
 • Hundreds of SF employees acknowledge unauthorized jobs after scandal: report Fox
 • Fire Them All; God Will Know His Own Brooks B. Anderson
 • Elizabeth Warren Gets Brutal Fact-Check When She Spreads Student Loan Forgiveness Lie Nick Arama
 • James Woods tells Tucker he’ll be suing the DNC following the bombshell Twitter revelations Twitchy


 • Swiss look to ban use of electric cars over the winter to save energy Jazz Shaw
 • Pending US home sales drops 37%, the largest decline on record IndSent
 • Labor Report Shows 263,000 Jobs Added in November, Combined with Wage Growth 0.6% For Month CTH

Scandal Central

 • Deposition Reveals Complex Plot by the FBI to Influence the 2020 Election RS
 • The Ministry of Truth was far more sinister than we were told Jazz Shaw
 • Merrick Garland Ignores Calls For Hunter Biden Probe To Instead Interfere With Trump’s 2024 Chances Mike Davis


 • Twitter: So long Kanye, we knew Ye too well Ed Morrissey
 • Yes, Of Course Kanye Is Crazy Jim Treacher
 • They'll dump on DeSantis. They already have Don Surber


 • Biden's Oil Deal With Venezuela Is Worse Than You Think Rick Moran
 • China’s Emerging Subsurface Presence in the Indian Ocean Prakash Pannerselvam
 • How Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story Freddy Gray

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • TSA now wants to scan your face at security. Here are your rights. MSN
 • The European Union spent $400,000 on a metaverse party which attracted a total of six people NTB
 • Cancer vaccine 'cure': Three terminal patients put in remission by experimental shot Daily Mail


 • Newsom's reparations board wants every African American in US to get at least $223k Daily Mail Online
 • A Giant Step Forward Niall Harbison
 • The Week in Pictures: Crazy Sweepstakes Edition Power Line


Anonymous said...

in 2008 - 2009 after the depression caused by the housing bubble in the US, and after release of the Panama Papers, Iceland forced their entire Parliament to resign and start anew. After this release of Twitter censorship from Elon, the entire government should be forced to resign. Perhaps we could get Elon to run the government in the meantime. He has fired about 2/3 of Twitter and it seems to be running as good if not better.

commoncents said...

Georgia Senate Election Guide - know anyone in Georgia??