Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: To Cover DOJ/FBI Crimes, Radical Democrat Andrew Weissmann Spied on Congress

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 • To Cover DOJ/FBI Crimes, Radical Democrat Andrew Weissmann Spied on Congress CTH
 • Biden Administration Opened The Border for ‘Perceived Political Benefit’ Virginia Allen
 • Liberals don't want you to buy a home Jazz Shaw
 • Is America Falling Like Rome? S.R. Piccoli
 • Residents of another SF neighborhood are fed up with crime and homelessness John Sexton
 • Losing A Generation Larry Sand
 • In Elections, It's Not The Votes That Count, It’s The Ballots That Count Ted Noel
 • The ‘Reparations’ Scam Edward Ring
 • GOP Can’t Be Successful Until Mitch McConnell Is Gone Mollie Hemingway


 • 18 Absurdities of the McConnell-Schumer Omnibus Spending Bill Richard Stern
 • McConnell praises government funding bill JTN
 • This Has Got to Stop': GOP Lawmakers Slam Democrat-Led Efforts to Pass Massive Spending Bill Samantha Aschieris

Scandal Central

 • Twitter files #7: the FBI sets up the scam Neo
 • The Case Against Trump Z Man
 • AP: You'll never guess what governments are doing with all of that pandemic tracking tech! Ed Morrissey


 • Musk: The government paid Twitter's previous owners millions to censor Twitter -- and it won't happen again Ed Morrissey
 • SPLC Targets Conservative Jewish Journalist, Suggesting He Supports White Nationalism Tyler O'Neil
 • University of Oklahoma bans TikTok after Gov. Stitt's executive order cites 'national security concerns' Fox


 • British homeowners broken by energy costs turn to "warm banks" Beege
 • China didn't report any COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday, but some say that's not accurate Euronews
 • Ukraine war: President Zelenskyy heading to Washington to meet US counterpart Joe Biden Euronews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Postal Service pledges move to all-electric delivery fleet WOODTV
 • Activists target physics with 'decolonizing light' project John Sexton
 • We Can Make It To Mars Without NASA Reason


 • Ode to Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery Cully Stimson
 • Steelers legend Franco Harris, dies at 72 USA Today
 • ‘The Fabelmans’: A Drama About a Drama-Free Boyhood Steve Sailer


commoncents said...

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MMinWA said...

Franco was the best. Those were the days. Gosh I hope the fucking vax didn't get him.