Friday, December 09, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Kyrsten Sinema Makes Shocking Move and Leaves Democratic Party, Hysteria Ensues

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 • Kyrsten Sinema Makes Shocking Move and Leaves Democratic Party, Hysteria Ensues RS
 • Migrant Apprehensions in Northern U.S. Border Sector Jump 484 Percent this Year Breitbart
 • Elon Drops The Hammer On Serial Liar Democrat Adam Schiff Twitchy
 • Latest 'Twitter Files' reveal a culture of censorship and secret blacklists at Twitter Rajan Laad
 • A Monopoly On Speech Daniel Greenfield
 • Allegation: NY AG Letitia James protected top aide from harassment allegations Hot Air
 • Veritas: Chicago School Dean Brags About Sharing Sex Toys with Minors in Classroom CTH
 • Is this the Supreme Court case that will drain the swamp? Paul Dowling
 • Second NC Electrical Substation, This One Near Camp Lejeune, Attacked in November RS
 • Senator Launches Inquiry Into Biden’s $200M Grant to China-Based Battery Company WFB
 • Explosive testimony proves Alito accuser is a liar David Strom
 • Ronna McDaniel Promotes Her Own Ouster in Delusional Rant on National TV RS


 • Feds prepare for energy and diesel shortages Power Grid
 • Medical Expert Blames China For National Drug Shortage, Says FDA Is ‘Sitting Limply By’ DC
 • Biden handing $36 Billion to Teamsters pension fund Beege

Scandal Central

 • Paul Whelan: "I don't understand why I'm still sitting here" Ed Morrissey
 • Russia’s American Hostages: The Marc Fogel Case Tom Firestone
 • Felony Warrant Issued for 'Non-Binary' Biden Official Sam Brinton After 2nd Luggage Stealing Incident RS


 • WNBA star Brittney Griner freed in US-Russia prisoner swap The Shill
 • NBC Reports Biden Team Had to Choose Between Griner Marine Paul Whelan, Then Reverses CTH
 • Jean-Pierre Storms Out Of Room When Reporter Confronts Her DC


 • Tucker Carlson asks Why is President Zelenskyy Banning Christianity in Ukraine? CTH
 • Medics report female Iranian protesters shot in faces, genitals, breasts Karen Townsend
 • North Korea: A land of dynastic decay and limitless death The Shill

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Electric vehicles futile as a solution to ‘climate crisis’ Anthony Watts
 • NASA’s Artemis I Moon mission prepares to return to Earth this weekend — how to watch Express
 • The Most Important Presentation From This Year’s Blackhat [PDF] sOfT7: Revealing the Secrets of Siemens S7 PLCs


 • Four tonnes of Nazi gold found in buried 18th century palace canister, say WWII treasure hunters FirstNews
 • Jeffrey Friedman, 1959-2022 Matthew Continetti
 • The Cleaning Of The Inbox and a Meme Post Ensues... Feral Irishman

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