Sunday, July 08, 2012

Boom: States that elected GOP governors in 2010 saw 50 percent lift in employment over U.S. average

Well, consider these even more data points that reinforce the policy positions of fiscal conservatism: low tax burdens and decreased regulations boost real employment. I know, it's fifth grade logic, which mean it's certain to be ignored by the dug-in, hard-left, radical Sixties Marxist retreads controlling the modern Democrat Party.

In 2010, influenced by the Tea Party and its focus on fiscal issues, 17 states elected Republican governors. And, according to an analysis, every one of those states saw a drop in their unemployment rates since January of 2011. Furthermore, the average drop in the unemployment rate in these states was 1.35%, compared to the national decline of .9%, which means, according to the analysis, that the job market in these Republican states is improving 50% faster than the national rate...

On the other hand, the unemployment rate in states that elected Democrats in 2010 dropped, on average, as much as the national rate decline and, in some states such as New York, the unemployment rate has risen since January of 2011.

This is yet another example of how the so-called “blue state” model is not working.

But, if you're soon-to-be-ex-Democrat National Committee chairperson Dee Wasserman Snider, the latest abysmal jobs report is just swell. Awesome, in fact.

And they say Mitt Romney is out of touch?

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