Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: California: the Road Warrior is here

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California: the Road Warrior is here: Hanson
Obama's Ultimate Cover-up: Kincaid
WH Spokesman calls Bin Laden bombshell 'a fabrication': Nice Deb

Good luck finding a doctor under Obamacare: NRO
Hate Chicken: FreedomWorks
Mourdock Offers ‘Simple’ Economic Solutions but Not ‘Easy’ Ones: RWN

Pelosi Claims Jews Care Only About Money: RWN
How Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Religious Freedom: Foundry
If Obama’s Lost the Secular Humanists …: RSM


In Obama's World, The Government Owns Your Paycheck: IBD
Stanley Kurtz exposes Obama's war on the suburbs: Breitbart
GM Is Using Evil ‘Subprime Loans’ To Boost Sales: S&L

Philly Councilman Spends $29K To Tweet, Calls Residents "Idiots": Katz
Happy 100th Birthday, Milton Friedman: AllAm
Only Obama: Western

Scandal Central

Report Names Five Behind Fast and Furious: Nice Deb
Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution: Exam
Federal Court: DOJ Official May Have Lied About the New Black Panther Case: Tatler

Climate & Energy

Study: Half of U.S. Warming is Fake: RWN
Kansas City Power Light Wants 12% Increase to Pay for Govt Regulations: MagNote
Weather station temperature claims are overheated, report claims: Fox


NBC Calls for Twitter to Censor Guy Adams for Tweets Criticizing NBC Executive: Blaze
The Right's Dirty Little Secret: Atlas
Why the Right Wing Blogosphere Doesn't Cover Islam — UPDATE! 'Weasel Zippers' is Mystery Blogger: AmPower

The Most Striking Thing About Mitt Romney's Overseas Trip: Power Line
Obama Press Secretary Marries ABC Reporter: WS
Help Us Get Twitter’s Attention to Free the Dead @INSTAPUNDIT Twitter Account. #RespondTwitter: Tatler

Anderson Cooper Crosses the Line: Gaffney
Still Waiting for Outrage: CDN
Dick Morris: 'I Guarantee Bill Clinton Is Going to Cast His Ballot for Mitt Romney': NB


Why does Obama use the word "terrorize" for Aurora murders but not for Fort Hood jihad?: HySci
If Mitt Romney had talked about Palestinians the way Obama spoke about Pennsylvanians: LI
How Far is the ECB Really Prepared to Go to Save the Euro?: WallStreetPit

Capital of Israel? Don't Ask the White House: IBD
Krauthammer: Romney speech in Israel was a “master stroke”: Scoop
Non-existent WMDs: UK experts to help Iraq destroy last of Saddam's chemical weapons: Fox


Microsoft's radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight: ZDNet
Researcher demonstrates highly persistent hardware backdoor: Net-Security
Mulvenon: Stuxnet was Hiroshima: Fierce


The House That Obama Built: Picture Book: Cube
What to do if your Hoover's sucking air: MOTUS
Saying Goodbye: Quinton Report

Image: Power Line
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Texas: Tuesday is Cruz Day!

QOTD: "Spurred by the conclusion of a recent report that said that given the fact that China is the de-facto manufacturer of most IT equipment in the world, it could easily backdoor any computer well before it's shipped to its buyers, security researcher Jonathan Brossard decided to prove the practicality of such backdooring.

He set out to create a backdoor that is persistent, stealthy, portable, cheap, that allows remote updates and provide remote access, and whose creation and deployment cannot be attributed to any individual or state.

The result was Rakshasa ("demon" in Hindu), a proof-of-concept malware that is able both to replace a computer's motherboard BIOS and to infect the firmware embedded in other peripheral devices through PCI expansion ROMs, thus ensuring its stealthiness and persistency in case the BIOS was ever flashed." --Zelkja Zorz

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