Monday, July 30, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: In Chicago, it seems mass murder is okay as long as it happens in slow motion

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Mass murder is okay as long as it happens in slow motion: Papa Todd
DOJ Weasel Keeps Weaseling: AmSpec
New Low: 14% Say Kids Will Be Better Off Than Them: Rasmussen

Injunction issued against HHS via business owner's complaint: Foundry
Chris Christie Hosts Radical Imam; Reaffirms Support: Radical
Constitutional, Tea Party, social conservatives back Cruz in TX: WKnight


Is Fresno California’s Next Bankrupt City?: Driscoll
Shared Sacrifice: Michelle Wears $7K Jacket to Latest Soiree: GWP
Bypassing Government Roadblocks To Your Personal Prosperity: ZH

Euro Zone ‘Witching Hour’ Arrives in September: Tatler
Private Sector: Obama's Time 'Behind Enemy Lines': Breitbart
Stockton, CA May Herald Flood of City Bankruptcies: Mish

Enjoy the housing collapse? Because Dems want a replay: Elephant
LA Times' beclowns itself on Social Security: Bizzy
100 Days Until We Kick Some Ass To the Curb: Bruce

Scandal Central

DOJ: First Amendment conflicts with Sharia law: AmSpec
Pop Quiz: How Many of Obama’s Green Energy Companies Have Gone Bankrupt?: IMAO
Register to Vote at the Grocery Store... Seems Legit: Lady Liberty

Climate & Energy

Conclusive Proof Of Manmade Global Warming: Ace
Thanks to Democrats China Poised to Cut $15.1 Billion Oil Deal With Canada: Hoft


Newsweek Circles its Final Swirls Down the Drain: AmPower
Invaders from Outer space: Sultan Knish
Suddenly, NY Times Realizes Obamacare Prompts Doctor Shortages: Breitbart

The Cruelest Anti-Obama Billboard Ever Erected: IMAO
Busted: Mr. Pfeiffer and the White House blog: Krauthammer
CBS, NBC Hype Romney 'Controversy' and 'Error' in Israel, Ignored Obama Gaffe in 2008: NB

Why CNN is a failure: Power Line
HuffPo Editorial Director Howard Fineman: Romney Supporters ‘Xenophobic’ and ‘Nativist’: RWN
One Picture to Explain Gun Control to Liberals: IMAO


Outing the Muslim Brotherhood: AIM
Upcoming DC Report: Obama passed on the Bin Laden kill three separate times at Jarrett’s Urging: Nice Deb
In Israel, Romney Declares Jerusalem is Capital: AP

Valerie Jarrett Blocked Three Bin Laden Kill Raids: RWN
Romney may not have blasted Obama but Netanyahu sure did: Matzav
PM tells Romney: Sanctions have not moved Iran one iota: JPost

Mitt’s Olympic Gaffe–Or Was It?: CDN
London Mayor’s Olympic Sized Failure After Mocking Romney Critique: Sooper
The NHS and the Opening Ceremonies: Ace


iPhone 5 finally shown off completely assembled: BGR
This HDMI Cable Represents The Edge Of Human Stupidity: Consumerist
Visualized: the iDevice influence on Apple's bottom line: Engadget


We Need Progressive Olympics!: Cube
Now is my moment: I am the Won you’ve been waiting for!: MOTUS
One Picture to Explain Gun Control to Liberals: IMAO

Image: 16 of the Creepiest Comic Book Scenes Ever
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QOTD: "H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" begins by drawing a picture of a complacent world of men who give little thought of what might be out there, who pay no attention to the "envious eyes" of the invaders that "slowly and surely drew their plans against us". We are aware and unaware of being at war, of passing men and women on the street who are slowly and surely drawing up their own plans against us. In the movie theater, we revisit that terrible knowledge that we are engaged in a war with no natural end under a hundred disguises. We recreate September 11 in our ten-dollar nickelodeons every summer and look to the sky. But it isn't aliens we are watching for. It's planes." --Daniel Greenfield

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