Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bain: Has Milhaus Hit The Bottom of the Barrel Already?

Dan from New York:

Obama’s pitiful Bain gambit reeks of desperation, and it’s only July. Is it possible the Attack Dog-in-Chief can sink even lower in the slime, or has he already reached bottom and left it in the gym? In due course, I’m sure we’re going to find out. Hey, and whatever happened to Hope and Change?


Yesterday, based on proven falsehoods, the Obama campaign floated the idea that Mitt Romney might be a "felon."

That is appalling behavior coming from a sitting United States President and, had Romney done the same to Obama, the media would've created a perfect storm demanding he either back it up or walk it back -- and rightfully so.

Obama's entire Bain spree has been nothing but lies and irresponsible, outrageous charges. Negative campaigning is one thing; lying and hurling words like "felony" is something completely different. That the media will not hold Obama accountable for this reprehensible behavior is as much a black mark on them as it is on Obama.

Dude. The media is dead.

And speaking of organized crime: The Top Ten Felons, Fugitives and Miscreants in Obama's Life.


Anonymous said...

This is a clarion call to the men and women of the United States of America: make a stand NOW. You must make a peaceful and civil stand now! When you stand you shall stand upon the Constitution. We The People must say enough is enough! We have had enough of the Executive branch going around the Legislative Branch.

President Obama's motivations matter not. The results of his actions matter not. The methods that Obama has used to impose his will are unacceptable. We have a Law and limits on Executive power for a reason. Look at the DOMA Law, the Immigration issue, and not this welfare issue. The more people there are on welfare, the less money there is for everyone on the welfare rolls. By allowing the States to ignore the searching-for-work requirement yes more people will jump on the welfare rolls. This will mean less money available for them and the people already on the welfare rolls.

The Law excluded the Search-for-Work requirement from being waived for a reason. Now, without
Congressional action, President Obama and his administration has rewritten the law. In doing so he and his admin. have violated the checks and balances. They have made law without the consent of the Legislature.

He may have the purest motives. His motives don't change the fact that he is acting more like a Ruler than a Leader. Who do YOU, the People, want running the USA? A ruler or a leader:

Reliapundit said...


Anonymous said...

No this POS will go lower.

Two things to expect:

1-Expect a crisis before the election.

2-Mr lawless will cheat like hell to get reelected.

Bones said...

I agree Phoenix. I was under the impression that laws passed by Congress were not just "suggestions". Even a far left loon can see the danger of a president that treats them as such.