Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Hasn't Had a Daily Economic Briefing Since April 2011, But He's Doing It for the Children

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Obama Hasn't Had a Daily Economic Briefing Since April 2011: Lid
Top Senate Democrat: White House Source of Security Leaks: Events
Wisconsin State Senate Majority is...: Ace

Republican Supporters of a Democrat Senate: RS
Stubborn Ignorance: Williams
Great News Everyone! Obama’s Plan Worked… According To Obama: Glob

Was the Aurora Shooter Really Wearing Body Armor?: Ace
Idiot mayor: Police should strike until Americans give up their guns: Breitbart
Oh, my: Obama thanks the 'Gay Porn King-Pin': WS


1 in 10 employers: if you like your health care plan, too bad: Hot Air
GM Stock Slides To Fresh Post-Bankruptcy Lows: ZH
Obama-Care Architect To Oversee Its CBO Analysis: S&L

Endangered Welfare Reform: City Journal
Dodd-Frank’s Protection Racket: City Journal
Florida's stagnant unemployment numbers not looking good for Obama: Riehl

The End of the American Economy: RWN
Hey, Boston: Leave Chick-fil-A Alone: Malkin
Latest SSA data suggests there’s a good chance I’ll go on disability before I finish writing this headli: Malkin

Scandal Central

How Countrywide Bought the Regulators: Conservatory
Senators push Geithner on potentially illegal taxpayer-funded social media campaigns: DC
The Green Graveyard of Taxpayer-Funded Failures: Foundry

Climate & Energy

Oops: Lisa Jackson’s EPA Shows Heat Waves In 1930's Worse: Cove
Good news: Interior Department opening up more federal land… for solar panels: Hot Air
Awesome: Obama administration announces more solar energy projects: WZ


Presidential busts: The worst of all: Barack Obama (2009-?): UT San Diego
New Liberal Lapdog Media Attack: Debt Ceiling Debate Cost $1.3 Billion!!!: Sooper
Comedy Break: Left Wing Gun Grabber Tries to Describe Kind of Guns That Should Be Grabbed: Powers

Wannabe Totalitarian New York Times-Democrat: Nationalize the Banks: S&L
BuzzFeed: Romney Is Kind Of Hypocrite In Going After Obama On Leaks. Reality: No He's Not: Ace
Why Bam's Losing: Post

What A Breathtakingly Stupid Thing To Say, @AmandaMarcotte: RSM
Was Obama’s Communist Mentor His Father?: AIM
Catholic bishops helped to fund Alinsky training for Barack Obama, according to documents: LifeSiteNews

Talk about what you know best: ViewFromThePorch
Newsweek’s Future in Doubt After Harman Family Ends Financial Support: AIM
Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert is a Stupid Pendejo: Empirical Proof: Sooper


Chavez Attacks Romney, Calls Obama A ‘Good Guy’: S&L
Feinstein Got a Call? Says Obama White House Behind National Security Leaks, Then Walks It Back: Bruce
Mark Levin calls out Boehner: Do you stand with Michele Bachmann or the Muslim Brotherhood?: Scoop

Obama Bundler Heads Secret, Massive Grroup of Liberal Billionaire Donors: Beacon
Yes, Who Huma Is Matters—A Lot: IBD
Gingrich defends Bachmann and others asking questions about Muslim Brotherhood and Huma Abedin: Scoop

Ian Fleming’s Beautiful Plan to Defeat the Nazis: ObjStd
Did Obama’s Actions Put SEAL Team Six in Danger?: NoisyRm
Opposing Shariah Law Is Bigotry According to Maxine Waters: Sentinel


Move over Google, Bottlenose launches search engine for the “now” era: VentureBeat
Iran May Have Been Hit By A Cyberattack That Blasts AC/DC: Insider
The Death Of This Waffle Joint Illustrates Perfectly Groupon's Cashflow Problem: Insider


Dark Knight gunman 'forced to wear a face guard in prison after spitting at officers' : DailyMail
Defeating Debbie: HillBuzz
Penn State got what it deserved: Berardino

Image: Washington Free Beacon
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Defeat Debbie

QOTD: "...if the HHS document is indeed trying to loosen work requirements, it may actually defy the law. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, who helped write the 1996 reform bill, argues that it specifically denies waivers for work requirements. Congressional Republicans have also accused HHS of a “blatant violation of the law.” Many lawyers agree. They view the memorandum as an executive end run around Congress, much like the administration’s recent executive order liberalizing deportation policy for young illegals. Douglas Besharov, a professor of public policy at the University of Maryland and a major actor in reform circles, doesn’t mince words: “The intent of the administration is to change the way welfare reform is operated. The domestic policy staff doesn’t believe in ‘work first’; they want education, job training, and support. If they had their way, they would have gotten those provisions in the reauthorization. Now they see they will not control the House and it will be impossible to get through their policies.”

Thus the “executive overreaching,” as Besharov puts it, that, if done by a Republican, would lead to protests in the streets. If he’s right, we can bid farewell to welfare reform, the most successful attempt to reduce poverty in half a century." --Kay S. Hymowitz

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