Friday, July 06, 2012

Ezra Klein: victim of congenital thyroid deficiency... or poisonous, left-wing propagandist? You make the call!

A cretin is a person of limited cognitive abilities often "due to a congenital thyroid deficiency." Based upon Ezra Klein's latest embarrassing screed (doing further damage to the reputation of the already-mortally wounded Washington Post), it's apparent that Klein is either a cretin or a demented left-wing ideologue.

The reason I bring this up is because of the following headline o' the day, spotted over at Ricochet via the invaluable

Just Imagine The Mess Obama Will Inherit If He's Reelected!

When the June jobs report came out, showing 80,000 net new jobs and the unemployment rate stuck at 8.2%, Washington Post wunderkind Ezra Klein sarcastically responded:

It's times like this when I'm glad we're not employing hundreds of thousands of workers to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.

And super glad that we fired those 600,000 state and local workers. Our economy has more than enough jobs/demand as is!

Completely leaving aside the fact that Democratic legislators passed and President Obama signed a massive $800 billion spending bill meant to create those "shovel-ready jobs" (ha ha!) is the left's argument for bad numbers really  that we need a larger government? How out of touch with reality can one be?

[Another tweet] I have to share. From Frank J. Fleming:Has Obama considering solving unemployment through a not having a job tax?

You read that correctly: Ezra Klein is still yearning for even more deficit spending to fund make-work "infrastructure" jobs as our nation teeters on the edge of a fiscal abyss. Hell, everyone from former Obama adviser Peter Orszag to more sensible economists have warned we have just a couple of years left to save the country from economic disaster.

So what does Klein pine for? Borrowing trillions more from generations yet unborn -- an act of unbridled child abuse, mind you -- to spend on union-only jobs that launder money into Democrat campaign coffers.

Now, even a fifth-grade analysis of the economy would tell you that stealing money from the private -- productive -- sector and laundering it through countless layers of wasteful bureaucracy and known fraud, cronyism and payoffs -- detracts from the real economy. You know, Ezra, stealing from the country's producers, who create wealth, not steal it. Who employ people, who invest in capital equipment, who create new products and services. Who are, in effect, the opposite of government.

Year after year, Obama and his drone-like, nincompoop sycophants offer the same failed programs: spend now, pay later. These tactics will work no better in your private life than they do for government. In fact, when the government's involved, the outcome is considerably worse, because it's not their money. They spend your money like drunken GSA accountants on a taxpayer-subsidized jaunt to Vegas.

In Ezra Klein's world, full employment would be defined as half the population digging potholes in roads and the other half following close behind, filling them in. It's just embarrassing for everyone involved with this nut.

No wonder The Washington Post is headed for the dustbin of newspaper history. When cretins like Klein get a forum at your paper, you know you're toast.


LibertyAtStake said...

You can't fix stupid. (Stolen from my favorite stand up comedian - Ron White)

Anonymous said...

Commentary is pure poetry.

Matthew W said...

This is what happens when dimwits go to "Krugman" University !!

mandy said...

Um, shouldn't that be *wee* Ezra Klein?

Jim - PRS said...

"In Ezra Klein's world, full employment would be defined as half the population digging potholes in roads and the other half following close behind, filling them in."