Sunday, July 01, 2012

How Microsoft Windows can drive a normal human being stark raving mad (chapter 819)

Consider this intriguing screen, recently received when fruitlessly trying to connect to a wireless network:

This is the kind of silliness that seems to drive people to Apple products (and Linux).


sTevo said...

I have been down this road many times.

I have gone to mac address filtering and turned off the firewall.

Still on XP at the house.

Anonymous said...

I had my MacBook Pro 1 foot from my router and it couldn't see it. Wanted to connect to my neighbor.

And when I tried to sync my iPhone to my Outlook 2012 it WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE address book. But, ya, Apple is much better..

Contact changes his email account. Try wiping the old one out of your iPhone's cache. CAN'T!!! So, that wrong email pops up over and over and over and over.. But ya, Apples.. it's where it's at.

And Ubuntu, it's AWESOME, unless it's not.. Like trying to find wireless. But.. Hey Windows sucks.

Talk about sheeple. They all have their problem Doug. Get so tired of Windows bashing..

And Mac address are not that hard to spoof.. Google it..

UpChuck.Liberals said...

@ anon,

I'm going to guess your router was a Linksys. Am I right?