Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Good News — What Good News?

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Good News — What Good News?: Hanson
Roberts did flip on his decision despite Kennedy's lobbying: Betsy
Chief Justice Roberts Sends Dangerous Message: Alexa

Did the Supreme Court’s Deliberations on Healthcare Leak?: Volokh
John and Jane Roberts and D.C. Cocktail Parties: Toldja So: MagNote
Constitutional Contortions: Steyn

Justice Roberts — Tragic Figure: Hanson
Secret Service shuts down ‘fire Eric Holder’ protest: Exam
Hill Conservatives to Govs: Starve ObamaCare, Kill Exchanges: PJM


"The Power to Destroy": IBD
Small businesses: Obamacare deters hiring: WaPo
Once A Run On Banks Starts…: GuruFocus

The Last Legal Option to Invalidate Obamacare?: Cato
Can Government Now Tax Handgun Ammunition 10,000%?: AT
Obama takes the week off: Dossier

Scandal Central

Obama’s amnesty edict set in motion: Times
The Case of CH2M HILL: $2 Billion in Crony Stimulation: AIM
Another Subsidized Solar Company Goes Dark: Cato

Another Obama Record: Number of Americans on Disability Exceeds Population of NY: GWP
CNN’s Candy Crowley Pushes White House Chief of Staff Over Executive Privilege Hypocrisy: AIM
Pay Off the Fed, Pass Go, Do Not Go To Jail. Glaxo SmithKline settles fraud case for $3B: Bruce

Climate & Energy

Why is the Navy willing to pay $27 a gallon for biofuel?: BlackFive
If you're in the DC area, are you happy you don't have an electric car? : EIB
Outages put Pepco on multiple hot seats: Times


The Roberts Legacy: IBD
CNN Downplays Its Own Poll Showing 8 Point Lead For Mitt Romney: Glob
Obama fundraising on Air Force One?: Hot Air

The Real Reason Justice Roberts Betrayed the American People: Sentinel
If the Affordable Care Act is "a tax," does that make the law invalid?: Fox 19
Boom! CBS News reporter Mark Knoller calls out David Axelrod’s hypocrisy: Twitchy

The Court Breathes New Life Into the Great Destroyer: DLim
Allen West: Obama would ‘rather you be his slave and economically dependent upon him’: Scoop
Mark Levin slams Roberts: If he wants to be political he should have term limits: Scoop


Dearborn Muslim charged with nine counts of attempted murder for trying to kill street preachers: JihadWatch
Obama Turns His Back on Israel at the U.N.: Bayefsky
Newt Gingrich on D.C. Weather: 'Mild Taste of What an EMP Attack Would Do': WS

Russian politician: Rather have Obama than Romney: CDN
Doing What Obama Won’t: UK Uncovers Al Qaeda Plot to Bomb US Plane Ahead of Olympics: Bruce
Chinese hackers steal Indian Navy secrets with thumbdrive virus: Ars

Democratic official's shock emails: Israel guilty of "crimes against humanity": BizPacReview
Socialized Medicine, From a Survivor: Times (Delingpole)
Muslim Brotherhood Preaching Israel Destruction after Election: AIM


NASA's NuSTAR probe snaps first X-ray image of feeding black hole: Engadget
A Solution to the Twitter API Problem: Nova Spivack
Beyond BlackBerry: 3 steps to prepare for its demise: Infoworld


Pay for Play: MOTUS
Obamatax: NRO (Mister Smith Media)
Mime Obama: Ever feel like you're in the wrong place?: Cube

Image: Must Read! Russia’s Continued Cold War
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "Do the good offices of John Roberts mind have any windows? To assert that regulating inactivity is on the one hand unconstitutional, but that taxing it as a means of coercion on the other hand is constitutional, is to ignore all practical implications. Coming through the back door to accomplish that which would be impermissible through the front is precisely the sort of sophistic nonsense that has done immense damage to the reputation of the legal profession in general and has now tarnished the credibility of the Supreme Court itself." --Dave Carter

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