Friday, December 17, 2004

The $*#*!@^$# Bloggers

Click here for AmazonMary Beth Cahill, the campaign manager for John Kerry, spoke yesterday along with Ken Mehlman from Bush/Cheney '04, at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

She admitted that she underestimated the effect of the Swifty ads, but the telling line of the story follows:

Both sides also agreed that the Internet and other emerging news technologies have transformed the political process by making it more democratic and encouraging more people to become involved.

You can picture both Mehlman and Cahill answering this question about the effectiveness of the new media, namely the blogosphere. Mehlman would have a big smile on his face as he answered, and Cahill would be ready to spit. But now a little word about the writer of this story.

Steve LaBlanc filed the story for AP, and it is hysterical that he cannot use the words blog, blogger, or blogosphere. Emerging news technologies? What kind of sterile description is that?

In LaBlanc-ese, would John Kerry be considered a wooden presidential campaign unit?

What would the Global War On Terror translate to? Planetary Failure of Strife Resolution?

It's okay, Steve. Say the word. Say blog. We do exist. We have a name. We aren't necessarily coming after your job...yet. We are simply making sure you do yours.

You need not fear us, but camouflaging who we are and the role we played behind political correct speech is pretty ridiculous.

RadioBlogger: The $*#*!@^$# Bloggers

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