Monday, December 06, 2004

Bodyweight Excercises

Click here for AmazonI'm still rehabbing from an injury incurred while playing basketball in August of 2003. A freak shot to the head broke a disc at C4-C5, which resulted in, among other things, a fair amount of pain, assorted bizarre feelings in my appendages, and (eventually) surgery in November of '03. I documented the experience in one of my very first blog entries.

Anyhow, after twenty-plus years hitting the weights, it was time to scale back. In July, I wrote about the Furey workouts I'd been doing, namely body-weight exercises that combine elements of yoga, stretching and resistance training. I thought I'd regale all twelve of my regular readers with my progress thus far. The last time I wrote about my workouts, it went something like this:


Warmup: 30 minutes biking
1) Three sets of Hindu pushups
2) Three sets of diamond (close-grip) pushups - super-set by moving to knees when exhausted
3) Three sets of pullups
4) Five sets of curls using chin-up bar - basically, a very short form a of a chin concentrating only on biceps

Tonight, I did the following:


Warmup: 20 minutes biking
1) 125 Hindu squats
2) Set of 16-18 dive-bomber pushups, then set of 10-12
3) Set of 20-24 elevated pushups (feet on exerball, hands on floor with 1-second pause at bottom), then set of 15-18
4) Four sets of Michigan dips (brief pause at bottom and top)
5) Three sets of lat pulldowns
6) Four sets of hammer curls

So I'm not completely machine-free, but it's close. And I have bulked up a bit since July. So far, so good for the body-weight regime.

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