Sunday, December 12, 2004

Let... it... go.

Click here for AmazonThe always insightful Polipundit web site points us to this unintentionally hilarious story of a few lonely Democrats that can't seem to get over the... well, I guess we can call it as we see it... mandate. This effort has all the compelling drama of a gridiron contest between the Cedarville Junior High School Cylones and the New England Patriots, only with more certainty of the outcome.

Clifford Arnebeck won’t let it go. He can’t let it go. Not, he says, while America refuses to recognize that John F. Kerry was elected president Nov. 2.

Arnebeck, a Democratic lawyer here and co-chairman of a self-styled national populist alliance, is petitioning the state’s highest court to throw out official results that favor President Bush and instead hand Ohio’s 20 electoral votes — and thus the White House — to Kerry. Or, at least, order a revote.

The bid appears quixotic, to put it politely, as Bush has been officially declared the winner by 119,000 votes and Arnebeck is arguing before a Republican-dominated Supreme Court in Ohio. Nor is the Massachusetts senator helping him out, said Arnebeck.

"I can’t for the life of me understand why Kerry isn’t fighting harder for this. Maybe it’s some secret Skull and Bones tradition, where you’re not supposed to show up the other guy," Arnebeck said, referring to the Yale secret society of which Bush and Kerry were both members...

Stubborn and stupid is no way to go through life, son

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