Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Iowahawk Industries 2004 Annual Report

Click here for AmazonOne year ago today, Iowahawk was founded on a core strategic business vision: to drive value to online information consumers, through the creation of strategic information products, and also to get really, really loaded. This key value-vision remains at the heart of the Iowahawk mission-thing.

In reviewing the financial performance of Iowahawk for its first fiscal year, it is critical that investors remember this important long-term value chain, and not get all freaked out about the details of highly misleading statistics like "revenue" or "profit." While Iowahawk fell somewhat short of achieving its initial income forecast of US$4.7 bazillionty, it did so in the midst of a challenging worldwide economic climate.

Specific financial challenges included US currency devaluation. It was thought that this would be offset by an increase in Euro-based revenues, but foreign advertising sales may have been adversely impacted after a June editorial in which Iowahawk referred to France as a "festering gallic mime-hole" and suggested the US resume carpet bombing of Germany...

Iowahawk Industries 2004 Annual Report

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