Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ten Errors about Rathergate in One Paragraph

Click here for AmazonThere are few things as delicious as seeing the mainstream media continue on its path of dissimulation and, therefore, self-destruction. I provided a set of ESPN-worthy highlights of MSM disintegration a couple of days ago. And to see it occurring again and again -- blindly and with malice aforethought -- is akin to watching Ron Artest charge the stands in Detroit while Jermaine O'Neal punches out fans. In the pit of your stomach, you know it's wrong and inherently recognize that there will be consequences far beyond the here and now.

Tom Shales of the Washington Post makes 10 errors in writing about CBS's Memogate...

...All in a single paragraph:

"...Tireless press critics during war or peacetime, the conservatives were handed a valuable new weapon when CBS News fumbled(1) a report detailing(2) the president's(3) shoddy record(4) as a member of the National Guard back in Texas. The report was attacked (5) virtually the moment it aired(6) on "60 Minutes"; documents used to bolster(7) the allegations were condemned by conservative(8) critics as phony and forged(9), though no forging has yet been proved(10)." ...

Scylla & Charybdis (hat tip: LGF): Ten Errors about Memogate in One Paragraph

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