Sunday, December 12, 2004

LA Times... in deep weeds

Click here for AmazonThere's nothing better than seeing the egregiously biased LA Times disintegrating faster than a dime-store suit at a moth festival. Did you pay cold, hard cash for your subscription to the Times? Mickey Kaus has one word for you...

If you paid real money for the L.A. Times, we have a word for you: "Sucker"! Kf readers email with more evidence of the LAT's near-desperate near-free distribution policy: ...

I just subscribed for LA Times for 2$ a week for A YEAR. This was after I
had tried to cancel my subscrtiption ..." --reader S.

"I subscribed to a full 52 weeks of Saturday and Sunday delivery to the LA Times for a $5 add-on to my Wired magazine renewal---and I didn't have to give my phone number ... " --reader C.

KausFiles on the LA Times

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