Friday, December 31, 2004

The Rise of the Blogs

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[Some bloggers on the Left] ...are missing the most important developments because they are focused on one symptom of the change --the fact that way left MSM gets clobbered pretty much every week for agenda journalism and undisclosed bias, as well as simple venom like Coleman's weird rant. When television arrived, radio got clobbered pretty much every week. If radio had been right wing, the rise of the box would have at first appeared as an attack by the left on the right, when in fact it was just the rise of a new technology.

Let me try one more time: William Safire and David Brooks are losing too, not just Dan Rather and Nick Coleman. I have argued before that Brooks' ascension to NYT columnist is like the French colonel being told in June, 1914 that he'd been given command of one of the fortresses of the Maginot Line. It looked like a plum assignment at the time...

Hugh Hewitt

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