Monday, December 06, 2004

Iran's nukes: a missing detail

Click here for AmazonThe Telegraph reports that the International Atomic Energy Agency bowed to pressure from the mad mullahs of Iran, and removed a small detail from their final report on Iranian nuclear compliance.

That small detail is the Iranian purchase of "huge amounts" of a metal used in the construction of nuclear weapons: Watchdog ‘bowed to pressure from Iran’ on bomb materials.

The world nuclear watchdog dropped a claim that Iran bought large quantities of a metal used to trigger explosions in atomic weapons after bowing to objections from Teheran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency at first accepted Western intelligence reports that the Islamic republic had bought “huge amounts” of beryllium from “a number of nations”, but removed the claim from its final report on Iranian compliance with nuclear non-proliferation rules, published 10 days ago.

An earlier draft of the IAEA report, seen by The Telegraph, said that Iran had manufactured material to use with the beryllium that it had purchased as a “nuclear initiator in some designs of nuclear weapons”.

A spokesman for the IAEA conceded that the agency had removed any mention of beryllium from its report, but said that the change was insignificant. She said: “There are all kinds of technical details in first drafts which are later removed. That’s part of the drafting process.”

Jacky Sanders, the American ambassador to the IAEA, however, said that Iran’s assertions that it has never acquired or used beryllium were no longer reliable.

The climbdown by the IAEA reflected Teheran’s insistence that it had never acquired or used beryllium, and helped Iran escape immediate referral to the UN Security Council over its nuclear ambitions.

Iran's nukes: a missing detail

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