Monday, October 23, 2006

CNN's Anderson Cooper, Embedded Reporter

Another world-exclusive for CNN: Anderson Cooper is now an embedded reporter. Shhhhhhhhh. Let's listen in:

Hello, I'm Anderson Cooper, live from Iraq for CNN. Our broadcast crew is embedded with the 3rd Mujahadeen Brigade under the command of Muhammad al-Duri...

Earlier today, our small group of youthful insurgents carried out a sniper attack on coalition forces...

And, since boys will be boys, the crew later blew up an Iraqi police vehicle...

Now, we're resting in an undisclosed Baghdad suburb... HOLY CRAP, WE'RE UNDER FIRE FROM COALITION FORCES!!! MORTAR ROUNDS ARE INCOMING!!! LOOK OU -

* * *

That's odd. We seem to have lost the feed. It's probably just a power outage - goodness knows, Baghdad's power grid isn't the most reliable.

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