Monday, October 09, 2006

Hidden camera in the Washington Post Newsroom

Don't bother asking how we do it. Suffice it to say that our operatives have placed our unique Blogotronic™ mini-cameras and microphones in the newsroom of the WaPo. Shhhhhhhh... let's listen in...

Yesterday's lead story was genius! U.S. casualties in Iraq have risen sharply...

Seriously? U.S. deaths are up? I hadn't heard that...

No, not deaths. Number wounded...


But we need a theme for next Sunday's hit piece, I mean, lead story. Any ideas?

Gas prices?

If you haven't checked, genius, gas prices are $2 a gallon...

Unemployment rate? Anything going on there?

Idiot! Don't you read your own paper? Unemployment is in the 4% range... unbelievably low!

Can we ignore the unemployment rate and use some other meaningless statistic that sounds like things are bad?

Like what?

Job creation numbers?

Cheezus, that the New York Times' turf! Did you just fall off the mango boat yesterday?

Stock prices?

Uhm, Warren Buffett Junior, stocks are at an all-time high.

Another article on the Woodward book? How the administration isn't listening to anyone?

The National Review already torched Woodward's story, that's a dead-end.

You know, I'm sitting right here next to you! I can hear you both!

Uhm, okay, thanks, Bob.

Maybe we cover the National Intelligence Estimate again? Talk about how fighting terrorists causes more terrorism?

Moron! We already tried that! Bush released the whole NIE... everyone knows it doesn't say anything!

How about another article hammering Bush on the Iraq reconstruction effort?

Dionne, you are really ticking me off. That's ludicrous, the one in September already got blown out of the water.

Dammit! Wait! I've got it! We start calling ex-pages and see if any of 'em will accuse Foley of some other hideous crime...

Great idea, E.J.! We're on it!!

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