Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Democrats and the strength of their convictions

It's 1930-era politics at its best: Democratic leaders have promised to increase taxes on middle-class America, whether or not evidence shows it's a lousy idea. Let's listen in as the ranking minority member of the House's tax-authoring Ways and Means Committee -- Charlie Rangel -- talks to Congress Daily and Bloomberg News:

Congressman Rangel, if Democrats regain power in 2006, will you consider extending any of the President's tax cuts?

I cannot think of a single one!

Does that mean you'd consider tax increases for all American taxpayers?

No question about it... everything has to be on the table.

* * *

Then these comments were featured in a Wall Street Journal op-ed ("An Honest Democrat"). The op-ed congratulated the New York Democrat, telling voters they knew what they were getting by electing Democrats.

With all the firm conviction of fresh Jello, Rangel reversed course faster than John Kerry tacking on his windsurfing rig. Cue the rewind soundtrack, Charlie... *** screeeeeeeeecch ***.

When Rangel was contacted by the New York Sun regarding his statements, he disavowed the remarks, probably figuring voters were too stupid to remember something that had happened 72 hours prior:

...[it's] too soon to discuss any tax hikes or tax cuts...

...If it relates to tax cuts on 2010, I can't say I have any great ambitions as to what I would like to see...

* * *

Ah, the Democrats and the strength of their convictions.

Rangel, who has served in the House for 36 years, has said he will retire if Democrats do not win back the House. I get the feeling that's yet another commitment he wouldn't keep if called on it.

It's just more evidence that, once you finally do pin down a Democratic position on a specific issue, you can be sure it'll change once the poll numbers come in.

Vote Republican.

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