Saturday, October 14, 2006

Presidential Jeopardy

Welcome back to Jeopardy, ex-President's Edition!

I'm your host Alex Trebek. Our current score... ex-President Carter is stuck at zero dollars, ex-President George Herbert Walker Bush is leading with $3900, and ex-President Bill Clinton is in second place with $200.

President Bush, you control the board...

I'll take Ghastly Gaffes for $600, Alex...

This person admitted to the theft and destruction of top secret documents related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America.

Who is George W. Bush?

Uhm, I'm sorry, President Carter, but that's incorrect. In fact, you've answered "George W. Bush" on every single answer and so far you've come up dry...

Who is Sandy Berger?

That's correct. You still control...

Ghastly Gaffes for $800, please, Alex...

The answer is: this president's administration sustained a series of eight major terrorist attacks on U.S. interests without fighting back.

Who is George W. Bush?


Who is the war-mongering, imperialist, running dog lackey of the oil companies, George W. Bush?

Uhm, no, President Clinton, prepending some titles on the same wrong answer doesn't help. You're back to zero.

Who is President Clinton?

Correct again. Still your board.

I'll take Ghastly Gaffes for $1,000, please.

This president facilitated the coming to power of Marxists in Nicaragua, religious despots in Iran, signalled the Soviets that he wouldn't lift a finger if they invaded Afghanistan, thereby facilitating the rise of the extremist hatred and militancy that ended up spawning 9/11.

Who is George W. Bush?

It still amazes and frightens me that you were somehow elected President. No, that's incorrect. Again.

Who is John Quincy Fillmore?

For the love of...


Who is Jimmy Carter?

That is correct! Oh, thank goodness, the music is telling us it's time for Final Jeopardy... and the Final Jeopardy answer is "He was, hands down, America's worst President of all time"...



Hehe... this oughta be entertaining...

While you write your responses down, we'll recap scores. President Bush is in the lead with $5900, while Presidents Carter and Clinton are tied with zero...

And now it's time to unveil your responses...

Hmmm... I'm sorry, Presidents Carter and Clinton, but arrows don't qualify as valid responses, not that it would matter with your scores of zero...

President Bush, I'm pleased to say that you're our winner! And, since you wagered the entire $5900, you've ended up with $11,800 for your favorite charity...

Thanks, Alex, and I appreciate the opportunity to put some of our recent history in perspective. Some folks have short -- very short -- memories.

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