Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Dudes, let's do some polling!"

STACLU has done a remarkable public service in dissecting the latest Newsweek poll. Now, I'm going from memory here, but I think it broke down like this:

In the poll, 282 identified themselves as Republicans, 349 as Democrats and 330 as Independents...

Of all Americans surveyed, Newsweek says 51% believe impeachment of President Bush should be a priority...

And of the self-identified Republicans, 5% say impeaching President Bush should be a top priority, and 15% say it should be a priority, but not a high one.

Hmmmm. Somehow that doesn't sound right. Let's zoom in some more and pick out some faces among these 'self-described Republicans'...

Whip inflation now!

Save the rainforest! (Just ignore my 12,000 foot mansion made of wood)


So we fudged a poll? What about it?

You believe in the tooth fairy too?

Oh, speaking of which:

Attention! Attention all Christians voters! There are a bunch of gays in the GOP... people just like Mark Foley! And we know you Christians don't like gays. So, do us all a big favor and stay home on Tuesday. Plus, it'll be raining on Tuesday. Really bad weather.

That's your platform? Well, I guess it's improved some since Kerry ran for President.

Hat tip: Larwyn and EIB

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