Thursday, October 12, 2006

Documentary: the Washington Post and the Foley 'scoop'

Ever wondered how the Washington Post got word that Rep. Foley was sending inappropriate messages to pages? Well, stop scratching your head and wonder no more. Our intrepid reporters have out-investigated the mighty WaPo sleuths. To do so, they attached our infamous Blogotronic™ surveillance devices to a couple of WaPo employees.

Cue the tape from late spring '06!

Dammit, E.J! Turn off the iPod! We're pulling into the garage right now...

*click* I still don't understand...


Why is he called "Fifty Cent"? Why not an entire dollar?

Idiot! Will you pay attention? This is serious. We got a call this afternoon about a possible Republican scandal.

Is there any other kind?

We're supposted to meet in this garage, moron, be quiet.

Why do we have to be quiet? We're not doing anything wrong!

Shut it! Rove's operatives are everywhere!

There's a car pulling in...

Okay, that must be "Deep Post", our unknown tipster. He's supposed to flash his headlights three times so we know it's him...



Shut up, E.J.!



OWWW!! Why'd you do that?? That hurt!

Just put a sock in it, will you E.J.? Okay, that was three. Let's get out of the car.

I'm scared, Richard.

You've got a flashlight and I've got a rape whistle, we're completely safe!

Is that you, Cohen?

Yeah, it's me.

I thought I told you to come alone.

I did. It's only Dionne.

Good point. I've got the stuff. Very incriminating. A Congressman.

I hope it's not a Democrat. You know we can't pay for any material if it is.

Who do you think you're dealing with? I'm a pro. Of course it's a GOP guy.

Hey, what's this switch do?


Woodward! What the...? You're feeding your own paper tips?

So, it's a federal crime now to embellish stuff? What the heck was Al Qaqaa then?

I honestly don't give a crap. Is the info legit?

Yep, seems so. Got it from Harper's. They got it from a Dem party operative.

Why aren't they publishing it?

It's only May! The election's not for months! Cheezus, do the math, Cohen! You're getting as bad as Dionne! Hold that stuff until right before the election... then we have our kind of story!

Hat tip: Larwyn

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