Sunday, October 29, 2006

The worst negative campaign commercial yet

It's really getting sleazy out there. I turned on the TV last night to watch a little football and had to suffer through another series of negative campaign ads. One stuck out as the most negative ad I've seen yet:

Rumor has it that Ted Mackilacker killed a man in 1983.

Others wonder whether Mackilacker sold U.S. secrets to the Soviets when he "toured" Russia in 2002.

This much is clear: he very well could have employed child slave labor in China to build his so-called "orthodontic retainer cases."

And can a man whose messy divorce proceedings are in the public record really be trusted?

And why did Mackilacker get divorced in the first place? Was he cheating on his wife, which seems to be the word on the street?

Is Ted Mackilacker a divorced murderer, spy, labor-law violator, and philanderer?

We're not sure. But ask yourself on election day whether you want to vote for someone named Ted Mackilacker.

Vote Lumpkin for Dacron Township's Associate Auditor.

I'm Stan Lumpkin and I approved this message.

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