Saturday, October 21, 2006

The immigrants

Col. Jon Kline's exceptional campaign commercial (hat tip: Powerline) deserves the "Classic Comics" treatment:

For centuries, it's been part of the American story.

Immigrants came here from every corner of the globe.

Yearning to be free and seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

They worked hard, embraced our culture, and helped make America great.

Republicans believe all immigrants should be welcomed here, provided they play by the rules.

But too often today, people enter our country illegally.

Their first act: to break our laws.

Too many Democrats want to reward them with citizenship if they pay a meaningless fine.

Selling American citizenship?

That means millions of illegals would get legal status more quickly than those who followed the rules.

On top of that, they would get Government benefits, paid for by your tax dollars:

Billions of dollars in social security and Medicare benefits.

There's a right way to come to America and a wrong way.

Democrats don't seem to know the difference.

Or, if they do know, they don't seem to care.

But, if you care, then there's only one choice.

Vote Republican.

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