Saturday, February 23, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War

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The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War: Conrad Black
2020 Democrats are now supporting reparations: Peter Barry Chowka
Levin exposes the truth about Democrats’ calls for reparations: Nate Madden

Cartels now ramming down border fences with trucks in San Diego: Monica Showalter
Chicago Dem: Socialism to Have ‘Control of Every Single Facet of Our Life’: Nic Rowan
White House Slashes $60 Million Dollars from Planned Parenthood: Sonny Joy Nelson

This Video of Dianne Feinstein is Everything: Erick Erickson
Former Aides: Klobuchar ‘Dehumanizing,’ Not Simply ‘Demanding’: Jeffrey Cimmino
UC Berkeley Police Identify Suspect in Attack on College Conservative: CTH

Clearly Schiff lost faith in Mueller: Retort
Trump nominates Kelly Craft as UN ambassador: Caitlin Yilek
New York Has Prepared Paul Manafort Charges If Trump Pardons Him: Greg Farrell


Epic Open Press Oval Office Meeting: President Trump and Vice Premier Liu: CTH
Democrats demand 'moral' jobs, saying employment growth under Trump not enough: Naomi Lim
AOC: Green New Deal will make gov’t regulate ‘everything’ in Americans’ lives: Scoop

Scandal Central

Dems Attempt to Eliminate the Electoral College?: EIB
DOJ: No Mueller Report Next Week: Plus Schiff and Nadler Demand Report Details: CTH
Coup Part 2: Former US Attorney Says Dems Will Probably Impeach: S. Noble


DOJ Planned A Coup Against Trump — And The Press Doesn’t Care: Victoria Toensing
Here Is A List Of Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ In The Trump Era That Is Entirely Too Long: DailyHeadlines
Sarah Sanders Impromptu Presser on Current Events: CTH

Longtime Clinton Aide Philippe Reines Ripped for Ignoring Bill’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein: Cameron Cawthorne
Don’t Let Liberals Jussie You!: Kurt Schlichter
Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein Delivers Remarks at Wharton: DOJ


The Destructive Legacy of Obama’s Approach to the Middle East: Aaron Kliegman
The Biggest Little Whorehouse in Germany: Jeremy Egerer
North Korea's Kim: I don't want my children to bear burden of nuclear arms - report: Jack Kim

Soldiers unleash tear gas amid tension on Venezuela's border: Fox
‘Enough of Left-Wing Dictatorships’: Hispanic Celebrities Trash Maduro at Branson Concert: Frances Martel
Canada: Scandal Involving P.M. Trudeau Linked to Libya: Christine Douglass-Williams

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tucker: Facebook Is ‘Totalitarian’ in It’s Outlook Yet They Control Our National Debate: Grabien
Chilling New Research Shows How Dire a Smallpox Bioterror Attack Could Actually Get: Peter Dockrill
Governments urged to stockpile antibiotics for a future flu pandemic : Sarah Newy


When did "Constitution" become a bad word?: Douglas V. Gibbs
It’s Tough Being the Center of the Universe These Days: MOTUS
I cancelled my NYT subscription: Dave Whiner

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Anonymous said...

Apaches killed my great, great white Grand parents as they traveled West.
I want reparations for these crimes.