Thursday, February 28, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Michael Cohen Admits to Collusion with Congressional Democrats

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Michael Cohen Admits to Collusion with Congressional Democrats: CTH
Cohen: Clinton Operatives Representing Me "For Free": Joshua Caplan
Michael Cohen's pathetic 'Cry for Me, Argentina' performance: John Solomon

The "Resistance" is Everything They Accuse Trump of Being: Jim Daws
Alan Dershowitz: 'Bad Witness' Cohen Didn't Reveal Any Trump Crimes: Jason Devaney
Lynne Patton defends Trump from Cohen racism charge: Molly K. Hooper

You're Being Censored: Gigi Sims
If Democrats End the Filibuster, It Could Break American Politics: David French
Dems Lose ‘Embarrassing’ Gun Control Amendment Vote: Alex Griswold

Cohen, Jim Jordan Clash Repeatedly During Testimony: ‘Shame on You’: Mairead McArdle
Tlaib, Meadows clash over alleged 'racist act' at Cohen hearing: Jacqueline Thomsen
Levin: Senators attacking Trump ‘don’t give a damn about the Constitution’: Carmel Kookogey


Why Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Amusing: Sebastian Gorka
China Infiltrating U.S. Education System in Propaganda Coup: Adam Kredo
30-ft Border Wall Underway To Replace Secondary Barrier in San Diego: Kimberly Hayek

Scandal Central

The Michael Cohen Trainwreck: I Have No Evidence of Russian Collusion: Justin Caruso
G-Men Out of Control: Conrad Black
Jordan Skewers Cohen and Insufferable Hearing Scheme of Leading Democrats: CTH


Even CNN's Jake Tapper rips Michael Cohen's new lies to Congress: CNN
NBC News Reporter Caught Lying about Michael Cohen Testimony on Trump and WikiLeaks: Patrick Poole
Monica Crowley: Only Way AOC Can Enforce Income Equality Is 'Through the Barrel of a Gun': Robert Kraychik

The Mind Boggling Brian Stelter: Bernard Goldberg
CNN's Chris Cuomo Uses Deceptive Edit to Boost Charlottesville Hoax: Joel B. Pollak
Quds News Network’s Most Delicious Propaganda Screw-Up Yet: Aussie Dave

Jumping the Shark with Michael Cohen: Karl Notturno
Wikileaks Rips Michael Cohen: GWP
New Poll: GOP Governor Ron DeSantis Posts Sky-High 64% Job Approval Rating: RGA


No Deal – President Trump Holds Press Conference Prior to Departing Hanoi: CTH
Guanajuato: 'Go Pro' footage by El Marro's enforcers of armed attack in CJNG: Chivis Martinez
Levin Pounds Israeli Prosecutor and Defends Prime Minister Netanyahu: Mark Levin Show

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains “Deboosting,” “Troll Report,” & Political Targeting: Veritas
Twitter Warns Michelle Malkin She Violates “Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws” (Punishable by Death): GWP
DARPA Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines: Jack Corrigan


RazörFist – Venezuela: Still Feeling The Bern!: Daley Cator
A Quick Glance In The Rear View Mirror: Diogenes
Shut Up And Do What’s Good For America. It’s What You’re Paid To Do.: MOTUS

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Bucky said...

According to Ross' logic if you throw enough mud at someone some of it must be true. Isn't this the technique that the Left has used since - forever?