Friday, February 08, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Proof of Collusion Surfaces... About Adam Schiff Meeting With Fusion GPS

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Proof of Collusion Surfaces... About Adam Schiff Meeting With Fusion GPS: CTH
Senator Sasse Vs. Congressman Schiff?: NoisyRm
Adam Schiff defends intelligence hires as president fumes: Caitlin Yilek

AOCommie: Latinos Can’t Be Illegals Because They’re ‘Descendants of Natives': Cameron Cawthorne
In AOCommie’s District, MS-13 Kills While She Calls To Disband ICE: David Marcus
Kommunala Harris is a Damn Liar: BattleSwarm

Trump’s Wall and a Plan to Stop Cartels at the Border: Bill Thomas
Trump’s Three Tests: Matthew Continetti
Matthew Whitaker set to testify after clash with Democrats over subpoena threat: Caitlin Yilek

Hacked Documents From Pelosi’s Laptop Links Her to Benghazi Scandal: James Ledbetter
'Dearbornistan' Mayor Suppresses Free Speech: Joseph Klein
Stop Medieval Diseases With a Medieval Wall: Daniel Greenfield


When did driving become a problem that needs to be solved?: Tim Jackson
Canadians Discovering ‘America First’ Consequences Within USMCA: CTH
Democrats unleash Labor watchdog on Trump rule-making: Sean Higgins

Scandal Central

Nellie Ohr’s Revelation Of Dossier’s Ukrainian Source Connects The Dots From DNC To Mueller: J.E. Dyer
Yikes: Dramatic Footage Shows Heavily Armed Agents Arresting Roger Stone: CTH
Huh: Despite Being Shot, Dems Blocked Steve Scalise From Testifying on Gun Violence: Katie Pavlich

Pelosi: Virginia's Racist Democrat Scandals Don’t Damage Party’s National Brand: Andrew Kugle
Vanessa Tyson could spell doom for Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax: Steven Nelson
The Timeline of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Controversy: David Rutz

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Green New Deal Guarantees Economic Security for Those ‘Unwilling to Work’: David Rutz
AOCommie Reveals Ridiculous “Green New Deal” – Immediately Backfires: CTH
Nancy Pelosi Slights Green New Deal: 'Green Dream or Whatever': Joshua Caplan


Bezos: National Enquirer tried to blackmail me with explicit photos: Exam
Former NYT Executive Editor Denies Plagiarism Accusations: Jeffrey Cimmino
American Jews Thank Trump in Full Page New York Times Ad: Adam Kredo

Photo of Joy Behar Dressed as ‘Beautiful African Woman’ Resurfaces: Ben Kew
Mark Levin: SOTU ‘Speech Trump Gave Was the Finest Speech Since Ronald Reagan’: CNS
Levin: Trump’s SOTU was ‘outstanding’ and that’s why ‘the media have gone nuts’: Chris Pandolfo


Southcom Says Venezuelan Military ‘Center of Gravity’ in Crisis: Bill Gertz
Brussels is terrified of Brexit being a success – no wonder they’re threatening hellfire: Fraser Nelson
Russia demands US destroy Tomahawk missile launchpads and drones: AMN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook Says It Needs to Collect All Your Data to Protect Against Terrorism and Child Abuse: Gizmodo
Earth's north magnetic pole sprints toward Siberia: David Szondy
Spooky New Photos Show the Alien Creatures of the Deep Ocean: Ryan F. Mandelbaum


The Moral Idiocy of Our Times: Bruce Thornton
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy Global Warming: MOTUS
Jewish Model Harassed After Coming Out As Trump Supporter: Brent Scher

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QOTD: "‘We’re nuts!’ isn’t a great pitch for a Green New Deal." --Megan McArdle

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