Sunday, February 03, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Massive Migrant Caravan Expected to Reach Texas Border In Two Days

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Donald Trump Border Wall Construction Company T-Shirt
Massive Migrant Caravan Expected to Reach Texas Border In Two Days: Debra Heine
One of These Genocides Is Not Like the Others: Brandon J. Weichert
American Military Superiority ‘Seriously Eroded’: Clarion

Trump Tweets, Governor “Coonman” Career Ends, Brave Hillary Finally Surfaces: CTH
Northam: I'm not in racist yearbook photo, but I did darken face for another party: Adam Shaw
A Deeper Look at Northam: DTG

The Week Democrats Showed Us Who They Are: Ricochet
What I Said about Kamala Harris Was an Understatement: Roger L. Simon
Northam Spikes The Ball On How Acceptable Racism Is Among Democrats: PCP

Saudi Contempt for American Justice: Hugh Fitzgerald
Illinois Lawmakers Resisting Gun Control Push In Their State: Tom Knighton
Capital One Employee Treats Israel-Based Customer in Disgusting Manner: Aussie Dave


POTUS: Majority of China Trade Conflict May Be Trending Favorably...: CTH
China Caves to President Trump in U.S. Trade War: Chriss Street
GM Sought to Import Foreigners for U.S. Jobs While Laying Off Americans: John Binder

Climate, Energy & Regulations

California’s Green ‘Bantustans’ Are Coming to America: Edward Ring


The Fall of the Media Temple: Daniel Greenfield
Oops, Bill Maher Delivers Another Racist Joke On HBO Show: Karen Townsend
Media makes most of Ralph Northam mess: Tom Shattuck


Venezuelan air force general becomes first high-ranking official to defect: Eileen AJ Connelly
Khan’s London: No Prison for Teenager Who Left Former U.S. Ambassador with ‘Horrific Injuries’: Pamela Geller
Guess What The UN “Blacklisted” During A Holocaust Event: Jazz Shaw

The Pope's Stubborn Silence on the Persecution of Christians: Giulio Meotti
Days After Trump’s Warning, Iran Tests New Long-Range Cruise Missile: Ivan Pentchoukov
UK: Police stop citizens for covering faces from facial recognition, then fine those who protest: Lizzie Dearden

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

It Probably Doesn’t Matter If Putin’s New Nukes Are Going Hypersonic: Jazz Shaw
New images surface of massive Russian stealth drone ‘Hunter’: GPW
Here’s what makes satire so funny, according to science: ScienceNews


Senators On Left, Right Come Together To Fight For Only Thing They Agree On: Endless War: Babylon Bee
Monthly Trending of Twitter Followers for 2020 Presidential Candidates - Feb 2019: FreeRep
How I Intend To Spend Super Bowl III (Hint: I’ll Be In Janice’s Corner): MOTUS

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