Friday, February 22, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Out-of-Control McCabe Opened Investigation of Sessions

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Out-of-Control McCabe Opened Investigation of Sessions: EIB
Third-Eye Justice at the FBI: Julie Kelly
Andrew McCabe still under investigation by federal prosecutors: Daniel Chaitin

Media blackout on news top FBI lawyer wanted Hillary prosecuted: Monica Showalter
Mark Levin: Freedom of the press is not freedom to libel: Chris Pandolfo
The Farce Nears Its End: Brian Cates

‘He is not going to be the nominee’: Dems slam Sanders over Maduro stance: Marc Caputo
Alabama is already waving goodbye to its 'fluke' Sen. Doug Jones: Susan Ferrechio
Confronting Government’s Revenue Addiction: George Parry

Obama political arm to merge with Holder-run group: Reid Wilson
Benchmade Knives Hops In Bed With Gun Control: Herschel Smith
Democrats ready to revive gun control fight: Susan Ferrechio


Congress Spends 40 Times More of Your Money On Foreign Aid Than Border Security: OAN
Democrats took $60,000 junket to attend Beyonce concert in South Africa: Alana Goodman
How to Succeed in Advertising Boycotts Without Really Trying: Mark Hemingway

Scandal Central

FBI’s top lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should face charges, but was talked out of it: John Solomon
A Citizen Suing the Justice Dept. Needs More than Just a Winning Legal Argument: Sharyl Attkisson
McCabe: Rosenstein thought 2 Cabinet members could support bid to oust Trump: Jake Gibson

New Election Ordered in Disputed North Carolina House Race: Epoch
IRS Analyst John Fry Charged With Giving Cohen Tax Records to Creepy Porn Lawyer: CTH
Rosenstein: My time at DOJ is 'coming to an end': Rachel Frazin

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Las Vegas gets hit with second snowstorm in a week. What are the odds?: David Montero
Energy commissioners reach 'breakthrough' approval of natural gas export facility: Josh Siegel
Why the ‘Green New Deal’ Will Not Fly in Missouri: AmSpec


Scams, Big and Small: George Neumayr
Joe diGenova Focuses on Release of Mueller Report.: Larry O'Connor Show
White House braces for Mueller report: Brett Samuels

People Are Wrong About Donald Trump, Parkland Victim’s Father Says: Peter Svab
Levin: ‘We have never had an FBI trying to take out a duly elected president’: Carmel Kookogey
While national media carried water for Jussie Smollett, local media did it right: Salena Zito


Another Surge of Undocumented Democrats Move North to the U.S. Border: Michael R. Shannon
Putin: ‘Deep State’ Working To Undermine President Trump, U.S.-Russian Relations: OAN
'A Life Destroyed': Survivors And Pope At Vatican Summit Address Clergy Sex Abuse: NPR

Pompeo: U.S. Won’t Partner With Countries That Use Huawei Systems: WFB
Hungary: New Campaign Warns EU Planning to Flood Bloc With Migrants: Virginia Hale
Iran to Hold Navy Drills in Strait of Hormuz: WFB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US-China 5G War: Southeast Asia Battleground with Huawei’s First Test Launch: Prashanth Parameswaran
Zebra’s stripes are a no fly zone for flies: Tim Caro and Martin How
New MRI sensor can image activity deep within the brain: MIT


President Trump Participates in Reception Celebrating African American History Month: CTH
Love Trumps® Hate: MOTUS
Scandal: The Obama-Zion Williamson Nexus: Andrew Stiles

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QOTD: "What Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe and the others were doing was undermining the United States of America from within the government. From within the FBI. From within the Department of Justice. Nothing like this has ever happened before in the United States of America, ever. Ever! We have never had an FBI trying to take out a duly elected president of the United States. Never! And they talk about the 25th Amendment. I’ll go through that again, how absurd that was, but it didn’t matter. They were looking for a means, any means possible.

It is the FBI, working with the Democrat party in the Obama administration, that put out the lies about Russian collusion. Where is it? Counterintelligence investigation, criminal investigation, congressional investigation — where the hell is it? It doesn’t exist. It never did exist. The only party that’s ever colluded with the Russians and the old Soviets is the Democrat party." --Mark Levin

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