Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Mitch McConnell is About to Betray the President

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Mitch McConnell is About to Betray the President: S. Noble
Pelosi Leads UniParty on Vote Revoking Presidential Border Emergency Declaration: CTH
White House issues prospective veto of national emergency block: OAN

How Bernie Sanders Would Destroy American Power: Aaron Kliegman
Bernie’s Bread Lines and Revolution: Paul Kengor
Big Ego Joe Biden demands rock star treatment out on the road: Monica Showalter

The Separation of Powers as Prudence, Not Ideology: Clifford Humphrey
While Trump Is Trying to Win Peace with Kim, Dems Are Undermining Him: S. Noble
In the Manafort case's 'Exhibit 233,' a page count has never been so fascinating: Exam


Incredible: $21 Billion Deal U.S-Vietnam Aeronautic Sector Agreement: CTH
If There's a Hair in Your Soup, Thank New York's Commission on Human Rights: Daniel Greenfield
Democrat House Oversight Subcommittee Schedules Hearing on Climate Change, Democrats Don’t Show Up: CTH

Scandal Central

On the eve of testimony, Michael Cohen disbarred for lying to Congress: Jerry Dunleavy
Preview of Cohen Opening Statement, Worded for Maximum Political Damage: CTH
Jim Jordan on Scheme of Chairman Cummings Issuing Nonsense Subpoenas: CTH


Will Adam Schiff Have the Guts to Go on Hannity?: Jeffrey Lord
Happy Ending: Woman Who Assaulted Man Over MAGA Hat Now in ICE Custody Being Deported: CTH
Trump Org slams probe; Trump Jr. calls feds ‘Stalinist’: AP

Media Prove They Don’t Care About Violence Against Trump Supporters: Donald Trump Jr.
Matt Gaetz to Michael Cohen: Maybe It’s Time For Your Wife To Hear About Your Girlfriends: Hot Air
Trump unleashing digital juggernaut ahead of 2020: TheHill


Russian Weapons Circumvent New START Arms Pact: Bill Gertz
Trump greets Kim Jong Un in Vietnam, says personal relationship 'biggest progress' so far: Steven Nelson
Russian Statements on New Cruise Missile Indicate First Strike Intentions: Reuben F. Johnson

India and Pakistan on the Brink of War over Kashmir?: Christopher W. Holton
Tommy Robinson’s PanoDrama: Vlad Tepes
Orthodox Christians Targeted in Turkey with Vandalism and Threats: Tim Gamble

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram: Oliver JJ Lane
US Cyber Command took Russian troll farm offline during 2018 elections: Diana Stancy Correll
Facebook to launch 'Patreon killer' that grabs 30% of fan money vs. Patreon’s 5%: Xeni Jardin


What a Maroon: GOC
The Battle of the Buttons: MOTUS
Socialist puppies marking their territory…: Sondrakistan

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Anonymous said...

The Filthy 44 nailed their Thesis to the wall of the Church and told America to STFU; it's pretty bold talk for losers.

commoncents said...

Tucker Carlson absolutely NUKES CNNs Don Lemon