Tuesday, February 19, 2019

THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY: Andrew McCabe and His Co-Conspirators Belong in Jail

By Rush Limbaugh

Andrew McCabe is amazing. This guy is continuing the entire hoax, this entire lie. I watched him on 60 Minutes. He’s all over the place. He’s on CNN Tonight, The View, he’s out saying, “I had to take action. I had to find out if there was any campaign involvement between President Trump and the Russians.”

It’s just amazing. These people are gonna go all in because they’ve got the media all-in with them. But it just offends my sensibilities to no end that this guy who, I stand by it, needs to be in jail. These people need to be investigated and prosecuted and sent to jail, and not just McCabe, but many of these people. Instead, they’re profiting from this as they continue the charade, the palace coup, if you will. And Mueller is continuing to do the same thing.

As you know, there are two different lines of thinking about Mueller. Either he has got something big and he’s waiting for the right time to drop it — this is the hope of the left — or he’s got nothing and he doesn’t have anything. If he’s got anything on collusion, it’s gonna be made up. But I don’t think he’s got anything. There never was any collusion! This is the whole thing. The collusion happened between Hillary and the Democrats and the Russians.

Anyway, I need to beg your indulgence here talking about this because it necessitates and requires repetition. But the point of Mueller not issuing a report and not conveying anything, is so they can continue to leak! So they can continue to use the mouthpieces of the media to leak. What’s in the report, what might be in the report? This Trump scandal has been nothing but a series of leaks.

It is as fraudulent and phony as the climate change argument. That’s based only on computer models. It’s not based on any empirical data. It’s not based on any evidence whatsoever. It’s all based on computer model predictions. And you know with computer models, what you get is what you get. Depends on what you put in.

Folks, there is so much in our daily lives brought to us by the media that just isn’t true. We are being lied to, we’re being set up, we are being manipulated, we’re being motivated by some of the stupidest, most ill-informed left-wing ideologues ever.

It is incredible the damage that is being done to this country.

Let me give you an analogy, folks.

Robert Mueller and his investigation and McCabe and Comey and Rosenstein are all Jussie Smollett. It’s the same hoax. It’s the same thing. It isn’t real. It’s made up. The difference is Mueller and his gang haven’t done anything… Well, we haven’t had any defectors. We don’t have any Nigerians. We don’t have the equivalent of the Nigerians in this palace coup story to break away and describe what’s going on.

They’re all circling the wagons and they’re staying on point that there was Russian collusion, that there was at least a serious indication they had to track it down, and they had to track down obstruction of justice. These guys are lying through their teeth. They are continuing this charade. Remember, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. They were gonna be exonerated. We would never have known any of this if Hillary Clinton had won. These people would be promoted! Their jobs would be secure!

Life would have gone on. Nobody would have known a thing. The last thing they expected was for Trump to win. Now it’s time to cover their tracks. Now it’s time to CYA. Now it is time to get a special counsel appointed to take everybody’s attention away from what we were finding out happened with the dossier and the Hillary campaign. So here comes the Mueller investigation, and it gets a bunch of people for lying to the investigators.

But nothing on Russian collusion.

Nothing to do with obstruction.

We’ve got a hoax. We’ve got a hate crime! Why can’t this be termed a hate crime against Donald Trump? What else is this? There certainly is criminal behavior here if you ask me, and it’s based on hatred of Donald Trump. And if we’re gonna have hate crimes, then we’re gonna have hate crimes consistently, and that’s exactly what this is. And now they’re out there writing books and profiting — or attempting to — on all of this. It’s genuinely sickening and enraging.

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