Thursday, May 23, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Attorney General Barr puts former intel bosses on notice

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Unfreedom of the Press, by Mark Levin. A must-read about the current state of media.
Attorney General Barr puts former intel bosses on notice: Kevin R. Brock
President Trump Delivers Remarks After Meeting With Pelosi and Schumer: CTH
Pelosi, Schumer Whine And Cry After Trump Owned Them On Live TV: Carmine Sabia

Dems Ignore the Voters on Impeachment: David Catron
FBI: Hamas Supporter Arrested for Plotting to Bomb Trump Tower: David Rutz
The Domestic Insurgency of the Islamic Movement: CSP

Pelosi: Trump 'is engaged in a cover-up': Scott Wong
Democrats aren’t interested in legislating, and Trump knows it: Eddie Scarry
Donald Trump: Pelosi Blew Up Infrastructure Talks with 'I-Word': Charlie Spiering

Defiant Trump: Democrats failed in ‘takedown attempt’ against me: Jordan Schachtel
Where Do We Escape for Our Asylum?: Daniel Horowitz
Hirono: I Told Eighth Grade Girls ‘We Have to Fight for Abortion Rights’: Nic Rowan


NYC Department of Education: 'Individualism' Is 'White Supremacy Culture': Breitbart
Leftist Heartbreak in San Francisco: Steven Greenhut
Lawmaker Who Helped Write Obamacare: ‘What We Have Now Is Not Working’: Brie Zurschmeide

Scandal Central

Mueller “Team” Does Not Want Special Counsel to Testify : CTH
No, Nancy. It's the Dems Who Are Engaged in a 'Cover-Up': Roger L. Simon
Pure Harrassment: New York passes law so they can give Trump’s taxes to Democrats: Scoop

Wells Fargo, TD Bank have turned Trump's financial records over to House: Vaishnavee Sharma
Was the Steele Dossier a Crown Operation?: Thomas H. Lipscomb
Trump used executive privilege in 'protecting the executive' from Congress, Levin says: Fox

Pay to play, the Democrat way. Now it's Elijah Cummings: Monica Showalter
Spygate watch: The ‘purge’ of Italian intel, and Obama’s odd meet-and-greet: J.E. Dyer
Lawsuit Seeks to Oust Trump-Hating California AG Xavier Becerra: Matthew Vadum


CNN's Favorite Creepy Porn Lawyer Indicted for Dealings With CNN's Favorite Porn Star Stormy Daniels: CTH
CBS Hosts Laugh at Political Violence: 'I’m Sure It Feels Great': NB
Abrams: ‘We Won’ in Georgia Through Identity Politics: David Rutz


German states to ban knives in public places due to drastic surge in attacks: VOE
Iran: More Failures From U.S. Intelligence: Brandon J. Weichert
Ten Reasons A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Is One Of The Safest Places To Be In A War: Military

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazing AI: Four Breakthroughs Everyone Should Know About: Intel AI
Swiss Watchmaker Franck Muller Launches ‘Functional’ Bitcoin Timepiece: Coindesk
CRISPR 2.0: The Scientist With Your Genetic Life in His Hands: Molly Fosco


End of the Line - Part II: MOTUS
Pelosi snaps at Kellyanne Conway after tense White House meeting: ‘I don’t talk to staff’: CNBC
Hypocrite Pelosi Says She Will Not Show Her Tax Returns As She Demands Trump’s: Carmine Sabia

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Anonymous said...

RE - “Pay To Play”

Why can’t the republican congress start demanding financial records of the most corrupt Democrats? I’ll bet that would scare the daylights out of them.