Friday, June 14, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Communist Strategy for Taking Over the Democratic Party

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The Case for Trump, by Victor Davis Hanson
The Communist Strategy for Taking Over the Democratic Party: Trevor Loudon
How Bill Gates Destroyed the SAT: Daniel Greenfield
DOJ: The Contempt Vote Against Barr Is Bogus and This Is Why: Katie Pavlich

The Selective Prosecution of Kellyanne Conway: Roger L. Simon
Leftists Declare Fundamental Moral Questions Beyond Debate: David Limbaugh
Who's Really Responsible for Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in New York: Daniel Greenfield

The 2020 Battle Begins: Matthew Continetti
Biden Blasts Sanders’s Socialism: ‘This Is Not About the Past’: Brie Zurschmeide
Mark Levin Whacks Sanders: Answer to Wealth Inequality Is Less Government: CNS

Shock Poll: Amash Down 16 Points in Republican Primary: Matt Welch
Hispanics stick with Trump despite tough border stance: David M. Drucker
The Illegal Alien Crisis in Uvalde: Battle Swarm


School’s Purpose is Indoctrination: Sofia Carbone
Oberlin College Hit By Maximum Punitive Damages in Gibson Bakery Case: BattleSwarm
Will Oberlin Learn Its Lesson?: Steven Hayward

Scandal Central

Nunes Says He Has Finally Seen Mueller ‘Scope Memo’: Chuck Ross
Stefanik Fact Checks Schiff on Comey Testimony: Graham Piro
What is Ilhan Omar hiding about her marriages?: Tiana Lowe


The New York Times and its glorification of communism: Alberto de la Cruz
WaPo Reporter Backtracks After Tweeting Trump ‘Failed’ to Heed Tanker Warning: David Rutz
The latest and dumbest anti-Trump conspiracy theory promoted by Leftist media: Philip Klein

Mollie Hemingway: If Getting Info From Foreigners, Ask Democrats About Steele Dossier: RCP
Levin scorches Stephanopoulos: CR
Just Try Calling the FBI With Foreign Dirt Dug Up On Democrats: Judi McLeod


Pompeo: Iran Responsible for Oil Tanker Attacks: Charlie Hoffmann
Iran's hand seems nearby in latest Saudi missile attack: Tom Rogan
Trump ally Farage reemerges as key figure: Rob Crilly

Hong Kongers Deserve Better Than Dictatorial China.: Sarah Marie Lauren
POTUS Uses Mark Warner and Adam Schiff Examples to Highlight Foreign Contacts: CTH
Denmark's Elections: Judith Bergman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Politics versus science in attributing extreme weather events to manmade global warming: Judith Curry
Rate Card: How Much Social Influencers Charge Brands: Ayaz Nanji
Right wingers have been unceremoniously banned from Facebook. Now what?: Raheem Kassam


Stop Talking to Pint Sized Weasels. The World Will Be a Better Place.: MOTUS
15 Fun Facts About the American Flag: IMAO
A week has passed since we learned about the death of Hillary's brother, Tony Rodham, but...: Obiter

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QOTD: "Journalists were never intended to be cheerleaders of a society, the conductors of applause, the sycophants. Tragically that is their assigned role in authoritarian societies but not here - not yet." Chet Huntley (1911-1974).

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