Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Top 28 Moments From Bombshell Barr Interview

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In The End: What is the meaning of Life? This captivating novel explores the very nature of humanity.
Top 28 Moments From Bombshell Barr Interview: Mollie Hemingway
The Entitled Uninvited: Pedro Gonzalez
Crossing the Border: Scott Johnson

Islamism and Immigration: A New Front for Troublemaking: Oren Litwin
House Dems Pass Mass Amnesty Bill: Charles Fain Lehman
Dems Revise History Regarding the 19th Amendment: David Catron

Is Biden really a safe bet? History shows otherwise...: Emily Larsen
Parkland SRO Arrested: Child, Culpable Negligence and Perjury Charges: CTH
Democrats plan Capitol Hill event to put Trump's mental health under fire: Kimberly Leonard

House Judiciary Committee calls as its first witness . . . John Dean: Bookworm
Why So Many Mass Shootings? Ask the Right Questions...: Dennis Prager
Milkshaking: Cold Fury


The “Big Club” Fights Back Against Trump Tariffs: CTH
Partisan divide marks defense budget battle in House Armed Services: Jamie McIntyre
Williams College Investigated for Anti-Jewish Discrimination: Jeffrey Cimmino

Scandal Central

Mukasey: First Sentence of Mueller Report Was a Lie: Sarah Lee
Important Report: Christopher Steele Willing to Cooperate With U.S. Investigators: CTH
Disappointing – Judge Sullivan Folds, Accepts Mueller Team Non-Production: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Oops: Taxpayers unmasked as Tesla's Secret Source of Cash: Miles Weiss


MAGA Vintage Adjustable Baseball Cap Denim
How the Media Earns Its Dismal Approval Numbers: Bethany Mandel
The Daily Beast’s Flawed Justification for Doxxing a Private Citizen: Alex Griswold
Gaslighting on abortion: fsAlexandra DeSanctis

Who you callin' fascist?: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Bernie slams Politico article as 'anti-Semitic' and out-of-touch: Dominick Mastrangelo
Trump blasts Bette Midler as 'washed-up psycho' over fake quote: Rob Crilly


Tiananmen 1989: Lessons for Today: Christopher Bodeen and Johnson Lai
Trump is Right: Sadiq Khan is a Stone Cold Loser.: Raheem Kassam
Epic Fail: UK Anti-Trump Protest Hoping For 250K Draws Dismal Crowd: Shifra

German intel: Iran buying illegal technology for weapons of mass destruction: JPost
Iran Hawks Prep Final Push to Dismantle Nuclear Deal: Adam Kredo
A new phase in Turkey's crackdown: Torturing diplomats: M. Bahadır Gülle

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A Cancer Stigma Killing Thousands: Betsy McCaughey
On the Horizon: Parasitic Malware Will Feast on Critical Infrastructure: Steve Durbin
Engineering the world’s largest digital camera: Erika K. Carlson


Luck and Guts: The Heroes of Midway: Geoffrey Norman
Communism Is Great As Long As You Are One of the Commissars: MOTUS
Miracle: ISIS Covered Christian in 20 Gallons of Gas, Lit On Fire 3 Times, Never Burned: Report: WJ

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QOTD: "[W]e should give the Democratic Party the cynical credit it is due. Unlike other more gullible citizens, it recognizes the fallen state of man not so much as a theological concept, but as a cow to be milked for their benefit. Democrats understand that in all groups and in all places at all times, there will be those who curse the darkness and refuse to recognize the noonday sun.

As long as there are such among us willing to be exploited in this way, there will be modern Democrats and their fellow travelers to take full advantage of them and their willingness to be serfs in exchange for “revenge.” Democrats don’t advance this system as a political party in the traditional American sense, though they appear on ballots as such. They achieve their victories as a collector of absurd malcontents, a harvester of make believe ills, appealing always to the lowest common denominator in mankind: that of spite." --David Kamioner

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