Sunday, June 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: 'Scorched Earth': Mueller's Targets Speak Out

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Unfreedom of the Press, by Mark Levin. The book that started a movement exposing our hyper-partisan media.
'Scorched Earth': Mueller's Targets Speak Out: Paul Sperry
FBI docs: Study found Clinton email server hacked, info found on dark web: Exam
Gaetz: 'The American People Are Sick and Tired of a Double Standard': Jeff Poor

Settlement means war against America: Linda Goudsmit
Trump Deal with Mexico Likely Ends Catch-and-Release, Defunds Cartels: Neil Munro
Mexico Pays For The Wall By Becoming The Wall: PCP

Dershowitz: 'I am appalled at Nancy Pelosi,' she sounds like Stalin: John Gage
Devin Nunes Discusses Next Week’s House Impeachment Hearings: CTH
Oberlin College Slammed With $11 Million Verdict in Gibson's Bakery Case: BattleSwarm

Three candidates vie for second place among Democrat voters: New Iowa poll: Jon Brown
CNN Iowa Poll: Creepy 24%, Crazy 16%, Dopey 14%, Spank Me 7%, and How 15%: CTH
‘Hard to find words’: Hillary Clinton mourns brother Tony, dead at 65: Tim Pearce


Trump's Mexican tariff rope-a-doped critics: Don Surber
Mexico: Tariff deal with US struck 'fair balance': Joel Gehrke
Pelosi ‘deeply disappointed’ by Trump’s tariff-averting deal with Mexico: Joel Gehrke

Scandal Central

Mark Meadows: FBI Knew ‘Within 60 Days’ That Russia Probe Was ‘Built On A Foundation Of Sand’: Chuck Ross
Shockingly, Records of I.G. Warning FBI About Clinton Email Server are Missing or "Damaged": CFP
Why Did The Obama Administration Ignore Reports Of Russian Election Meddling?: Margot Cleveland

FBI releases damning new Hillary Clinton email docs that discuss 'smoking gun document': Chris Enloe
Oh Look, Another Glaring Omission In The Mueller Report: Matt Vespa
Judge Rules FBI Must Release Declarations from Lead Mueller FBI Agent: CTH


True The Vote Wins Historic $2 Million Settlement Against IRS: CTH
Who is Carlos Maza? Activist, Not Journalist.: Ian Miles Cheong
Gillibrand Produces The Single Most Awkward Moment In Political History: RS

Donald Trump's Mexico Deal: Democrats Sad, Media Mope: Neil Munro
Medieval diseases spreading in Los Angeles prove twisted Democrat policies endanger public health: Tom Borelli
Poor Nervous Nancy Pelosi Wants Trump In Jail While He Keeps Winning: Jim Clayton


Trump Doctrine: Border and Migration Agreement With Mexico Likely to Produce Real Results: CTH
"Europe Will Not Be Europe": Guy Millière
Iran and the American Forbidden Fruit: mir Taheri

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Beijing Summons U.S. Tech Leaders to Summit With Threats of “Punishment” if They Follow Trump: CTH
YouTube Demonetizes Steven Crowder After Campaign By Billion Dollar Liberal Company: John Hawkins
The U.S. Navy Wants Nuclear Missiles That Self-Destruct Themselves: Michael Peck


Pick Your Favorite Dem-O-Clown Contest: Earl of Taint
First...Win The Nomination...: Springer's Blog
A Virtual Trip To the Beach: MOTUS

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