Sunday, June 02, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Lawsuit Exposes How The Media And Deep State Hatched The Russiagate Hoax

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Lawsuit Exposes How Media, Deep State Hatched Russiagate Hoax: Margot Cleveland
The Mueller Investigation Was Always an Impeachment Probe: Andrew C. McCarthy
Robert Mueller's 'no questions' routine is absolute nonsense: Jonathan Turley

James Comey rips William Barr for 'echoing conspiracy theories': Daniel Chaitin
Nadler said he “certainly” has grounds for impeachment, will “educate” us dopes: S. Noble
CNN Poll: Huge Majority Wants Investigation into Spygate Origins: Matt Margolis

Trump's approval rating hits highest point in two years: Jonathan Easley
POTUS Question: “Are the Drug Lords, Cartels & Coyotes really running Mexico?”: CTH
‘First large group’ from Africa wades across Rio Grande into US: Kyle Oson

Kamala began political career in $120K 'patronage' job from boyfriend: Alana Goodman
AOC Accuses ICE Agents Of Purposely Killing Children Because She’s A Moron: RS
All 12 Victims of Virginia Beach Shooting Identified: ‘Devastated’: Zachary Stieber


Chicago’s Hemorrhaging Housing Market: Steven Malanga
Trump found a way for Mexico pay for the wall: Joel B. Pollak
Mexican Official Leading Tariff Negotiations Compared Trump To Hitler, Called Him Mexico’s ‘Enemy’: Peter Hasson

Scandal Central

Yes, Mueller’s Waffling On Obstruction Was An End-Run Around The Attorney General: Robin Ridless
Sidney Powell Discusses DOJ in The Lawfare Era: “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”: CTH
Cummings’ Wife’s Refusal To Turn Over Records On Her Nonprofit Is ‘Illegal,’ Expert Says: Luke Rosiak

If Liberals Were Held To Their Own Standards: Derek Hunter
Peter Strzok Is the Serial FBI Leaker, Congressman Suspects: Ivan Pentchoukov
Ex-Asst. Sec. of State: We Warned Hillary Clinton Against Using Blackberries, Private Email: Michael W. Chapman

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Sorry, Alarmists, Climate Chaos Is Not Here: David Harsanyi
Surprise: Largest Glacier in Northern Hemisphere has started growing again: JoNova
Report: Green Energy Incentives are Failing to Keep the Lights On: Eric Worrall


Faux Snooz Again Lies: Market Ticker
Dershowitz: Supreme Court could overrule an unconstitutional impeachment: Alan Dershowitz
Unhinged Donna Brazile says Russia is why Hillary isn't president: DC

Dr. Drew says LA public health in 'complete breakdown': 'No city on Earth tolerates this': Fox
‘You Do Not Have To Go To Venezuela To See Socialism, You Can Go To Compton’: DCNF
Judge denies Facebook's motion to dismiss Cambridge Analytica lawsuit in DC: Emily Birnbaum


Meet NIAC, Iran’s Lobby in America: Trevor Loudon
Forget the Logan Act, how about treason? Obama officials still talking to Iran behind Trump’s back: NatlSent
'Bare minimum': Britain decides no palace stay or parliamentary speech for Trump in low-key state visit: Rob Crilly

Beijing Begins Predictable Totalitarian Response: CTH
Congress wants Pentagon to rebuild stockpile and close the China missile gap: Russ Read
U.K. Hits “Open Borders” Highs – 600,000 Migrants Arrive In Just One Year: Jon Hall

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Corporate Fascism: Jeffrey Carter
IEEE, a major science publisher, bans Huawei scientists from reviewing papers: Jeffrey Mervis
Chinese exodus of wealth could be pushing crypto markets: Coingeek


The Brilliant Jordan Peterson Tells Dennis Prager: This Is Why I Don’t Identify As A Christian: RS
Last Tango in Brazil: MOTUS
Wolverine Fierce – MAGA Supporter Brilliantly Skewers Justin Amash: CTH

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Whoo69 said...

I love how certain folks- namely, hardcore supporters of Donald Trump- just recently started using the term "deep state"- let alone "criticizing" it- when "it", supposedly, "goes after OUR GUY."

Where were you idiots when, say, the CIA overthrew a DEMOCRATIC GOV'T in Iran and installed the shah? Or when the CIA did COUNTLESS assassinations and overthrows within plenty of *other* democracies abroad?? And so on and so forth, via the deep state and military-industrial complex

...You don't "care" about 'fighting the deep state.' You only "care" insofar as the 'deep state' is "going after OUR PRESIDENT", lol. It's so partisan and obvious

Whoo69 said...

Where were the hardcore Trump supporters when, say, the NSA wiretapped a crapload of people w/o warrants and cause?

They only started "strongly critiquing" it when a version of it was *exposed during Obama*. Remember when BUSH did it back in the day? How many of you were "clamoring to impeach or stifle" Bush?

...Exactly. In fact, many on the Right and w/in the GOP, for a while, *gave Bush a pass or openly EXCUSED his wiretapping and use of NSA* for "national security reasons"! Most of you only *recently* started to "critique" the deep state when either it was 'led by a president we don't like/Democrat' or when it, supposedly, was "used by the Democrats/Left to go after a president we support."


Whoo69 said...

But... if Trump gets reelected or another GOP president replaces him and uses the deep state for a *whole host* of "national security concerns", you'll shut up quickly, I'm sure. heh

And, thusly, all of this "concern" about the deep state will be shown to be so hollow from the Right.

Anonymous said...

Whoo, Gee Sparky, you don't think it had anything to do with a murdering Secretary of State, a Party full of enablers, communists, perverts, and Islam lovers who weaponized Goobermint against it's perceived enemies in the Republican party?