Saturday, June 15, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Deep State Positions Itself to Police All Republican Campaigns

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The Deep State Positions Itself to Police All Republican Campaigns: EIB
A Grotesque Political Party: Ron Ross
African migrants pass through TX and swiftly fan out across the country: Anna Giaritelli

Jordan: 'Why Don’t Dems Want to Know How Many Citizens There Are?’: Zenny Phuong
Trump Sets Up Democrats and Media (But They Don’t Know It Yet): EIB
Officials see drastic rise in number of African migrants arriving at southern border: Fox

DNC Club Releases Debate Line-Up, Elizabeth Warren Positioned Over Sanders: CTH
Hey Joe Biden, Here Are Some Scandals You Forgot: David Harsanyi
Kamala Harris proposes executive amnesty to grant Dreamers citizenship: Times

A Conservative Civil Rights Movement to End Internet Segregation: Daniel Greenfield
Levin Rips Pelosi’s Charge Of POTUS Engaging In ‘Criminal Cover-Up’: Wayne Dupree
President Trump Fox and Friends Extensive Interview: CTH


Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College: “an unhinged progressive activist college": LI
Mexico Threatens Tariff Retaliation: CTH
Give Congressmen a Pay Raise? Pelosi: 'It's Not a Pay Raise, It's a COLA Increase': CNS

Scandal Central

DOJ Admits FBI Never Saw Crowdstrike Report on DNC Russian Hacking Claim: CTH
23 House Republicans Request “Prompt” Declassification from President Trump: CTH
McCabe: Trump's Foreign Dirt Comments 'Reaffirm' Concern He Is a Threat to National Security: Pam Key

More evidence the criminal referral against Andrew McCabe went nowhere: @TheLastRefuge2
Andrew McCabe justifies what Clinton/DNC did to Trump in 2016 as perfectly fine: Scoop
McCabe Confirms FBI Employees ‘Frustrated’ No Charges Brought Against Hillary: Aaron Klein


The 3 Biggest Lies About the Central Park Five: Jack Kerwick
New York Times’ Halbfinger Doubles Down on Bias: CAMERA
CNN’s Acosta Tweets Pic of *Himself* At Book Signing… Hilarity Ensues: Shifra

Mark Levin: How would Trump know to turn something over to FBI unless he listened to it: Fox
Deconstructing where American media has gone wrong: Deborah Fineblum
CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Makes Sex Joke About Alisyn Camerota: John Nolte


Video Shows Iranian Forces Removing Unexploded Mine From Tanker in Gulf of Oman: US Military: Epoch
The Mullahs Promise "Demise of Israel" and American Civilization: Gatestone
Nigeria: Muslims storm church choir practice, kidnap 19 Christians, murder one: Robert Spencer

Watch the Money – Billionaires Exit Hong Kong as China Fist Looms: CTH
Dying to Visit The Dominican Republic?: CTH
Globalist Pope Francis Urges Carbon Penalties to Avert Climate ‘Catastrophe’: Thomas D. Williams

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Chinese Military Wants to Develop Custom OS: Schneier
Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed: Allum Bokhari
The future will be recorded, on your smart speaker: Stephen L. Carter


Regulating The Public Space: The Z Man
AOTW 6-14-2019: GOC
Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down: Check Out For Awhile and Re-Arm: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Of course Clinton outed the whereabouts of Stevens. How else were she and BHO gonna cover up the gun running to the rebels? I hope that bint dies a slow, painful death from ass cancer.

commoncents said...

Happy Fathers Day - Why Dads matter:

Anonymous said...

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