Sunday, June 30, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: Texas Medical Professional: Migrants Quarantined with unknown Disease

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Unfreedom of the Press, by Mark Levin, now five weeks in a row as #1 New York Times bestseller.
Texas Medical Professional: Migrants Quarantined with unknown Disease: BLP
Another Outrage from the Supreme Court: Larry Thornberry
Hundreds of Haitians, Africans carrying luggage cross into U.S.: Victor Skinner

Democrats have an election truther problem: Becket Adams
Biden’s Top Fundraiser Withdraws Support, Predicts Others May Do the Same: Janita Kan
‘A betrayal’: Inside the bitter rift between Pelosi and Schumer over border bill: MSN

Kamala Harris has least defensible healthcare position of any candidate: Philip Klein
Democrat Calls to Normalize Pedophilia on the Rise: Lori Arnold
Drag queen on all fours featured at library ‘pride’ event for teens: Martin M. Barillas

Bank of America Hates America: LI
Pelosi, Shamed by Photo, Reverses on Border Bill: Jeffrey Lord
Joe Biden: Hair-Sniffer In Chief: Stuart Schneiderman


Fact Check: U.S. Taxpayers Pay $18.5B a Year for Healthcare for Illegals: John Binder
The Coming Cash For Not-Clunkers: Eric Peters
POTUS tweets details of US vs. China trade deal status: CTH


China Hacked Clinton’s Email Server, Congressman Confirms: Ivan Pentchoukov
Groups claim Clinton campaign broke campaign laws over Fusion GPS and Steele funding: Jerry Dunleavy
Project Veritas Informs Congressional Leaders about Google’s Manipulating of Elections: Shane Trejo


Tackling the climate crisis means the end of capitalism as we know it: Paul Homewood
Reporting the fraudulent practices behind global warming science: WUWT
Killer Heatwave – The New Climate Porn: Paul Homewood


Antifa thugs attack and beat journalist Andy Ngo in Portland—while police do nothing: LI
The Twitter Primary: Post-Debates Update: BattleSwarm
Democrats have officially gone insane: Tucker

That was fast: Donald Trump-Jimmy Carter détente crumbles: David Mark
Dem (Debacle) Debate Part Dos: Melissa MacKenzie
Red Hen Restaurant Owner: Maybe Trump’s People Deserve To Be Spit On: John Sexton


Explosives Sent to Paris in Iranian Diplomatic Packages: Clarion
Boom: United States will sanction any countries that import Iranian oil: ME Monitor
Netanyahu: Israel foiled attack on airplane heading to Gulf: ME Monitor

President Trump Meets With Kim Jong-Un at Demilitarized Zone for Historic “Handshake: CTH
Is Unpredictability a Virtue in a World Leader?: Donald Elliott
Biden: ‘We Have to Have Someone Who Knows How to Corral the Rest of the World…Like We Did’: Craig Bannister


In the not-so-distant future, “synbio” could lead to global catastrophe—maybe: Rob Reid
DARPA Funds ‘Prosthetic Memory’ Chip Implants: Betty Joita
Pentagon has developed a laser that can identify subjects from afar based on their heartbeat: DailyMail


At Least Nobody Spoke Spanish: MOTUS
If the NPC Meme Didn’t Exist We’d Have To Invent It: MOTUS
Nothing: Springer's Blog



Anonymous said...

Only 1% of indian computer programmers can write functional computer code that works correctly:

What else can you expect from a country where 50% of the population doesn't even use indoor toilets and shits outside? 640 million indians shit outdoors in the 21st century.

commoncents said...

Trending Video - Trump becomes first US president to step into North Korea

Anonymous said...

I believe Jimmy Carter was our first illegitimate President.
He made many promises and postured as an honest, humble man. His frugality, and fireside chats led the way for an enthusiastic generation that was willing to live simply, that was our mantra after all. He received the first vote I ever cast, and soon his "policies" began to bear fruit: Massive unemployment. Hostages. The rise of radical Islam. Limiting highway speeds. Sick building syndrome. High interest rates. He led America into the dirt then told us to get used to it, things weren't going to change anytime soon.
Jimmy Carter could never deliver, and in any Trade that makes a man illegitimate.
The Peanut Farmer can drop dead tomorrow and I doubt anyone would miss him, well, maybe Yassir Arafat will be happy to see him.