Friday, June 21, 2019

Mark Levin Lights Up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Like a Christmas Tree at Chernobyl

By Mark R. Levin

This Democrat Party is a horrid party.

It is a party of hate. It is a party of racism. It's a party of anti-semitism. It's a party of un-Americanism, which perhaps explains why the media are attached at the hip to the Democrat Party.

There is a revolution taking place. Over the years I've called it a counter-revolution to the American revolution. It's been going on for a hundred years and you're seeing its progeny right now.

The Democrat Party has always been a hateful party.

Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and now today.

If you're an anti-semite, you can find a home in the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is the modern home to anti-semitism. As I said, this party has become a poison.

It's the party of the New Left and the old Reds.

It's the party of socialists and Marxists and other radicals.

It's the party of open borders.

It's the part of criminals against cops.

It's the party that seeks the evisceration of the United States military, accusing us of imperalism and colonialism.

It's a hateful, vile, political party. It's too bad the Republican Party is so weak and impotent.

And this party seeks to, as Obama famously put it, "fundamentally transform" this society. This is the great difference between what took place during the American Revolution versus this counter-revolution.

In the American Revolution, there was no effort to fundamentally transform society, the civil society, the individual, and private property rights. They opposed a monarchy to achieve liberty.

The counter-revolution seeks an iron-fisted government that imposes its will on a people that seek to be free.

But it's much more clever than monarchies of past. It's got its own nomenclature and is filled with propagandists.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a nasty, stupid bigot. Yet the media put her on their shoulders; they promote her and celebrate her. They give her as much attention as possible. They have created her, yet she's a nobody, she's a back-bencher from a heavily Democratic district, where she won the primary by a relatively few votes in a heavily Hispanic district.

She beat an old Pelosi ally, a white male, who did not choose to campaign very much. And they treat this as some great event. It's not a great event. And she's not alone.

You have Omar, another anti-semite bigot.

You have Tlaib, another anti-semite bigot.

They all hate America, hate capitalism, they hate our history, and they hate our founding.

This is the modern Democrat Party, not a whole lot different than the old Democrat Party, quite frankly.

Along the way, destroying our culture, destroying our traditions, destroying our customs, with all kinds of freakish, radical ideas like infanticide, open borders, bathrooms for any gender, and so on.

Now you and I are supposed to sit here and make some fine distinction between concentration camps and death camps in order to defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a buffoon who makes outrageous statements and is defended by low-lifes like Chris Hayes at MSNBC, among others.

Comparing the United States to the Third Reich.

Comparing the President to Hitler.

Comparing our humane treatment of hundreds of thousands who are pouring over our borders with nowhere to put them, overwhelming our health services and law enforcement.

These are people rushing into our country.

Were there a lot of people rushing into the Third Reich?

I seem to recall that they were forcibly brought into the Third Reich for the purpose of extinction.

I am so sick and tired of what passes for legitimate public discussion in this country. If we had a real, serious media it would be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who would be condemned, day after day. Not Donald Trump.

Now here's what she said on Instagram Live last night (and notice how the critics always go after Trump's tweeting -- "why does he tweet so much?" -- but when's the last time they told AOC to get the hell off of Instagram? Never! They'll defend whatever comes out of her big mouth and mashed-potato brain).

The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border...

We are not running "concentration camps" on our southern border. Anywhere. This kind of garbage used to be rejected as the insane ramblings of the kooks in our society. We are not running "concentration camps" on any border in any part of the United States, you damn fool.

The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border...

You really have to be beyond moronic, with an incredible hatred for this country, to make these kinds of statements. People are pouring into this country from Africa, from Asia, from south of the border, because they want to be in concentration camps.

This woman should be expelled from the House of Representatives as should so many of the others. She's a member of the House who votes on laws, on budgets, and she's a blithering idiot.

I don't blame her for not coming on any of my shows, because blithering idiots don't do well on my shows.

...and if that doesn't bother you -- I don't -- I don't -- I'm like -- believe whatever, I want to talk to the people who are concerned enough that we should say we are not -- never again.

Those two words -- "never again" -- are words apoken about the Holocaust.

Never again, about the extermination of Jews in Europe. Never again. And she uses that phrase and applies it to our own country. Where we are feeding people coming into this country illegally, we're changing babies' diapers, we're giving them medical treatment, we're giving them an education and we are overwhelmed on our borders, a situation created by the likes of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party that apparently thinks this is swell.

These are the same Democrats and media that critiqued Trump for calling certain countries s***-holes --- "no they're not, that's racist!".

But these people are escaping these s***-holes, these countries.

Why do you think people are trying to come into this country?

They're not escaping paradise or Nirvana.

That's how they view us. Yet look at this. I just wish that we could swap Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for one of these poor people who would like to come into this country.

These Democrats have nothing but hate for this country. And let me tell you something: when they hate our country, they're talking about you.

You are the country. They're talking about we the people. And "concentration camps".

The facts that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in America.

"[C]oncentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in America"? Did you know this?

What's happening to our country, right in front of our eyes?

There are men and women who have fought for this country, and died for this country, all the men and women in uniform right now in one s***hole country after another, defending the United States. All the men and women in the Border Patrol and ICE and others who are trying to secure this country. Putting their lives on the line every single day to protect us in the interior of our country.

This clown was a bartender and manages to get elected to the House of Representatives in an 80 percent Democrat district who's done nothing to contribute to this society, not a damn thing. She hasn't created wealth, she hasn't protected anyone, she's done absolutely nothing.

And for her to sit in front of her damn Instagram and spew out and burp up her idiocy -- to treat America this way -- is contemptible. Contemptible.

This is... disturbing. And we need to do something about it. This week children were moved to the same internment camps that Japanese-Americans were held.

There are no "internment camps" now. But that would be the old New Deal, not the Green New Deal. That would be the Democrat hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I just hope the American people are listening to this. I really do.



CW said...

Mayb start removing democrats from life?

Anonymous said...

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commoncents said...

President Trump trolls the internet - Trump 2088 ?

Unknown said...

Hes so smart. Perfectly said.

Unknown said...

Levin of couse.

Bill said...

unfortunately this is what happens when people believe the lies of a party that is full of anti American hatred. As for the jews, why do they keep electing leaders that are out to destroy them, the Jews did the same exact thing before Solemens time and there after under Jeroboam and Rheoboam, they ran after pagan gods and nations and then adopted there ways, this is why Jehovah punished them time after time.
I pray that Mark Levin can convince American Jewry not to elect any demon-rat leader that are only out to destroy them as a homogeneous people.

Anonymous said...

Levin. Send this artic le to Fox news. Maybe they can spread the truth a bit further amongst the sheeple.
Then again, there probably all still asleep and won't hear it anyway.

Unknown said...

Well said Mr. Levin. It's so great to hear someone speak the truth and say what so many of us can't say. When someone like you speaks, people listen.

Anonymous said...

And IF, AOC gains ANY power while in politics, you can bet your ass, SHE WILL USE those "concentration camps" for her own purposes. Freedom to illegals, and jail to the dissenters.

Bpennsteel said...

Are you always this stupid or is it a special occasion?

Unknown said...

hes so smart but what is he doing about it?

suzi said...

Can someone please explain why we are letting them in to begin with? Why not just turn them back at the border? Must we take responsibility for them once they cross? I am puzzled.

Jeff said...

Shows how much you know about him...

From a Conservative website:
"Fordecades, Mark Levin has spread true conservative ideals far and wide. His service in the Reagan administration is admirable, and his almost 20 years in radio shows a masterful dedication. As a true representative of the conservative movement, Levin hasn’t strayed away from his constitutionalist ideals, he has remained a consistent voice throughout the years, and has brought truth to light.

To any young person in the conservative movement, I urge you to familiarize yourself with The Great One. Back away from those who resort to name calling, victim blaming, and immature behavior, and align yourself with a consistent and intellectually honest voice. Align yourself with a true constitutionalist, devoted to the advancement of Jeffersonian politics. Align yourself with someone like Mark Levin, a fervent disciple of conservatism."

He's also basically started The Tea Party and the only thing that can truly make an impact as big as is needed to fix our broken government, The Convention of States Movement.

Anonymous said...

None of these Demoncrap women should be up there. Who the HEIL put these people in?? Clearly they are man-haters and void of any intellectual logic.

Just stupid women mouthing OFF. They belong in the kitchen where they can't be seen or heard.

torus said...

If you gave up bread, that would make you an unbreaded Levin.

Unknown said...

Stupid, it's history, apparently your too stupid to know that. Read a history book

Eckbach said...

The irony is, American Jews are overwhelmingly Democrats.

Dennis said...

Mr. Levin, This is a great article, but there is one thing I disagree with. You use the words, "anti-Semite" and "anti-Semitism. This word is a misnomer and should be stricken from the English language. It is derived from the name, "Shem", who was one of the three sons of Noah in the book of Genesis, in the Bible. To use the word is to acknowledge that the Bible, and the Genesis record of Noah's flood, and the genealogy after the flood are truthful. A Semite is one who is descended from Shem, which according to the patrilineal, genealogy, includes everyone in the Middle East, not just the Jewish people. Of the eight people who came off the ark, six people, the sons of Noah and their wives carried on the human race. It is most probable that the children of Shem, Ham and Japheth, married their first cousins rather than their siblings, so the matrilineal genealogy would now include the entire human race as "Semitic". In other words, we are all Semitic, Hamitic and Japhetic, which makes the word "Semitic," both meaningless and absurd. Also, the Jewish people today are mostly only from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. There are the descendants of ten other tribes out there somewhere. There are a lot more Israelites than the Jews, which casts much doubt on the belief that the modern state of Israel has any credence as a fulfillment of Yahovah's prophetic promises of regathering the whole house of Israel as stated in Ezekiel 37, and Isaiah 11. I love the Jewish people, but no more or less than the other ten tribes and the whole human Race. "There is no respect of persons with God." God bless you, brother.

Gary Brown said...

Time to get serious.

Unknown said...

Things are changing everyday for the better. Cortez and the likes have just been making fools of themselves and is showing country just how ignorant they can be. At this time the rats are running scared pulling whatever ridiculous accusations they can think of with those tiny little minds! Soon arrest will be made and justice will be served becoming the "HUUUGEST" political scam in history!
❤🇺🇸💪 Trump🇺🇸2020🇺🇸Trump 💯

Unknown said...

TH135 said...

The Demonrat party has always been able to hide its true nature. Dixie-crats, Jim Crow, the way they promote programs designed to keep black people poor and dependent on the Demonrat party. Food stamps, welfare, feel-good programs that hold the black race down. It's been their plan all along. Nothing but programs designed to "help" the black people to keep voting for them. Not seeing their true nature. Not seeing that it is power only POWER that the Demonrat wants. Power to be able to force "change" in American society.
Firearms, you don't need firearms, Demonrats will keep you safe. HAVE THEY?
In New York City they've made it next to impossible to get a firearm permit. The result of that? Poor people can't legally buy a firearm for protection because of the amount of time and money involved. Even if you can get that all together they can choose NOT to pass your application. When that happens all the time and YOUR money is forfeited to the City. You don't get a dime back. So your hours of time going to get the application, going thru the hoops. The hundreds of dollars spent just for them to accept your application was for NOTHING.
They want you to remain down, under their thumb, controlled. They tell you to "Call 911 and we'll be there."
What they don't tell you is they will be there. In time to take names and make reports of the dead or injured.
Because when seconds count...the cops are minutes away...

Is this what you voted for?!