Saturday, June 01, 2019

ANOTHER DNC HACK SUCCESSFUL: Liz Warren Policy Survey Unearthed

Veteran summer intern Biff Spackle has produced yet another of his amazing scoops, this time reportedly hacking typing the password “password” into Liz Warren’s Gmail account. One of the first discoveries? A form asking Democrat focus groups which of her policies they most prefer.


Please check all policies that you support:

Free college
Medicare for none all (of those who didn’t pay into it)
Forgiveness of all student loans
Forgiveness of all car loans
Forgiveness of all mortgage loans
Wealth tax: 2% of everything you own, levied annually
Free candy
Free liquor
Free everything
Illegal immigrants go to the front of the line for welfare, housing, etc.
No problem, I'm sure we can all afford this new spending. We're far less than $30 trillion in debt and definitely have less than $500 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Editor’s comment: Please note that only a handful of these positions are satirical. The rest of these Communist proposals are all 100% Cherokee. I mean Liz Warren. And, no, for you Alyssa Milano types, Biff did not actually hack Liz's accounts. Hat tip: Mark Levin.

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Anonymous said...

I like all this proposals, for the Soviet Union.