Friday, June 21, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Emails: Strzok-Page spat after word of Clinton email grand jury leaked

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Emails: Strzok-Page spat after word of Clinton email grand jury leaked: Daniel Chaitin
Nunes claims second Mueller scope memo based on Steele dossier: Jerry Dunleavy
Justice Dept. Allows Congress to View Rosenstein Scope Memos: CTH

The House Democrats stage a reparations circus.: Scott McKay
Trump Just Revolutionized Health Care — And Nobody Noticed: I&I
Congress vs. the Trump Administration on Spending: Christian Josi

How the GOP Will Retake the House in 2020: David Catron
SCOTUS Rules 7-2 Bladensburg Memorial Cross Can Remaing Standing: CTH
Upstate NY Clerks Refusing to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses: TPI

Biden Was More Than ‘Civil’ With Segregationists. He Was An Ally: David Harsanyi
Biden Admaker Departs Amid Candidate’s Praise of Segregationists: Haris Alic
Why Does Joe Biden(D) Incite Violence Against His Political Opponents?: Locomotive


5.8 Million Individuals Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump: Katherine Rodriguez
If you live in these areas, your property taxes are about to soar: Greg Hinz
70,000 Illinoisans collecting state pensions have moved out, taking $2.4 billion: Marathon

Scandal Central

Russian Hack or CrowdStrike Ruse?: Michael Thau
Rep. Meadows to Ask DOJ IG to Investigate FBI, Mueller’s Handling of Manafort Warrants: Debra Heine
Wait: FBI Was Warned Key Document Used To Investigate Paul Manafort Was Likely Fake?: Matt Vespa

Jerry Nadler Is A Sexist Pig Who Should Be Censured By Congress: Caroline Court
Top House Democrat James Clyburn Accuses Pelosi, Democrats Of “Tokenism”: RS
AOC Basically Accusing Obama of Running "Concentration Camps": Joel B. Pollak


Hope Hicks interview fraught with objections, a Steele dossier dig, and fixation on Corey Lewandowski: Exam
Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?: Jennifer Bilek
MSNBC Host: Biden Not Apologizing for Segregationist Comments Sounds ‘Trumpian’: David Rutz

Biden's Ukraine and China Scandals Under Assault From... "Good Morning With America"?: Breitbart
Mark Levin: 'I Don't Intend to Pay One Damn Penny in Reparations to Anybody, Period': Jeff Poor
New York Times reporter misidentifies Democratic segregationist senators as Republicans: Jon Brown


Iran shoots down drone flying at high altitude; clearly a new level of weapons for Iran: Vlad Tepes
Trump stopped attacks against Iran after learning 150 people might die: Zachary Halaschak
Iran claims it refrained from shooting down US plane with passengers on board: Zachary Halaschak

Magnanimous Panda Arrives To Support “Correct Thinking” by Hostage Kim: CTH
The Department of Anti-Israel Studies: Vic Rosenthal
Gallagher trial witness admits to killing prisoner in stunning twist: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Central Planning Is Poisonous to Innovation: Veronique De Rugy
Army Buys 9,000 Mini-Drones, Rethinks Ground Robots: Sydney J. Freedberg, Jr.
New Proposal to the FDA Hopes to Save Countless Lives: Mary Wishing


Forgotten 2007 Article Exposed Clinton Connection to NXIVM Sex Cult: Dean Garrison
Busted For Defending Your Own Home: Jazz Shaw
It’s Summer. The World Goes On. Carpe Diem.: MOTUS

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