Monday, November 09, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Dead voters. Biden van full of ballots. Trump legal team details shock Nevada claims

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Dead voters. Biden van full of ballots. Trump legal team details shock Nevada: Emily Larsen
Video: No Big Deal, Just Some Democrat Poll Workers Fillin' Out Ballots: Ace
Giuliani: We have enough evidence to change PA election results: Anthony Leonardi

The Science is Settled: Undeniable Evidence of Rampant Vote Fraud: Red Elephants
Gingrich: They Are Trying to Steal the Presidency: CTH
Dem Operatives Point to ‘Hammer’, ‘Scorecard’ Programs to Alter Election Results: Grabien

Sorry, Media: The Electoral College Is Far Closer Than It Appears: Chris Bowen
"It’s not a legitimate victory if rules are broken or one side cheats.": Fox
The Presidential Election, Corruption, and Deception: Michael Brown

Are You Ready For the Racist, Anti-Semitic “Squad 2.0?”: Jazz Shaw
GA Democratic Senate Candidate: Israel's West Bank Policy Is Apartheid: Rick Moran
Since 2006, George Soros Spent Millions to Get Hardline Leftwingers Elected as Secretary of State: Ace


Biden Readies a Tsunami of Executive Orders to Reverse Trump Policies: Rick Moran
Europe ready to restart transatlantic climate dialogue after Trump ‘parenthesis’: Frédéric Simon
Iraqi pro-Iran groups emboldened by Biden win, alarming officials in Baghdad: TOI

Scandal Central

Affidavits: Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During Count: Kyle Olson
Nevada whistleblower affidavit alleges disregard of mail-in signature verification: Emily Larsen
Investigators Dispatched After Fulton County Discovers 'Issue' with Ballot Reporting: Dylan Gwinn


What Can We Do?: Ace
‘You’d think both parties would agree we should look at these allegations.’ Turley flagged by Twitter: Scoop
NYT Explains Why Polls Were So Bad as to be Vote-Suppressing Propaganda: It Was QAnon's Fault!!!: Ace

Trump accuses Democrats of cheating? What goes around comes around.: Byron York
Saturday’s Media Declaration A Naked Attempt To Silence Republicans---Nothing Has Changed: Christopher Bedford
The Last Bush Betrayal: Ace


Is China a New Colonial Power?: Amitai Etzioni
Britain faces an energy emergency as lack of wind exposes tottering electricity system, rescued by coal: WUWT
Austrian police raid suspects in Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood terror probe: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Benford’s Law Shows Biden Vote Fraud: BattleSwarm
Google Trends: Searches For 'Election Fraud Punishment' Surged In MI, PA And AZ Before Election: InfLIb


Party Against Fascism Begins Creating Lists Of Undesirables: Babylon Bee
Of Course The Party Of Moral Authoritarianism Would Cheat On Elections: I&I
This Isn't Just the Theft of an Election, This Is a Message to All of Us: RS

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