Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Was the US Election Stolen?

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Was the US Election Stolen?: Soeren Kern
Sidney Powell Updates on Developments in Key States: CTH
If election issues are not fixed, elected state Republicans must refuse to certify: Robert Zimmerman

Whistleblower documents electronic voting fraud in sworn affidavit: Jan Jekielek
Can We Say Again? Third County in Georgia Finds More Missing Votes, Most for Trump: RS
Georgia Recount a Test for Dominion Voting Systems’ Reliability: Virginia Allen

The Obama-Trump Transition Was More Like Sedition: Julie Kelly
The Right to Worship Even in a Pandemic: Betsy McCaughey
Ilhan Omar Likens Trump Rallies to ‘Klan Rallies’: Alex Nester

Trump's Only Road to Victory: Alan M. Dershowitz
Sidney Powell: Here's What a Smartmatic Whistleblower Said About Voter Fraud: Beth Baumann
While New Yorkers Suffer Amid Pandemic, Andrew Cuomo Is Getting A Pay Raise: Hank Berrien


Discrimination Doesn’t Explain Problems Facing Black Community: Walter E. Williams
Student Loan Forgiveness a Regressive Policy That Hurts Working-Class Americans: Lindsey Burke

Scandal Central

Yes, dead people voted in this election and Democrats helped make it happen: Tucker Carlson
Nevada – Trump Campaign Team Lawsuit: More Than “15,000 People Voted In Nevada and Another State”: CTH
Pennsylvania Supreme Court reverses ruling in election-observers case: Bruce Golding

6 Takeaways as Facebook, Twitter CEOs Testify at Senate Hearing: Fred Lucas
Cruz blasts Twitter CEO for warning messages on tweets about voter fraud: Times
Zuckerberg and Feinstein Discuss The U.S. “Ministry of Truth” Program: CTH


Obama: The internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy”: Peter Kafka
A Twitter Tale of Two Timestamps: DTG
Fox News Feels the Heat as Morning Joe Beats Fox and Friends for the First Time in 20 Years: RS

Grading Nate Silver: Wizbang
SuperCut: Trump Was Like Hitler!: David Rutz
‘Experts’ Listed 27 House Races As Toss-Ups. Republicans Won All 27: Cabot Phillips


Iran Is Already Saying No to Joe Biden: David Suissa
America’s Might Rated as ‘Marginal’ Again in Index of Military Strength: Rachel del Guidice
Navy Successfully Tests Groundbreaking Missile Defense System: Jack Beyrer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine now 95% effective, to be submitted to FDA 'within days': Anthony Leonardi
The Climate Hustle: John Stossel
Observers Shocked at Greta Thunberg’s Inability to Answer a Simple Question Without a Script: Summit


Accident Prevention for Trump Supporters: Cube
Distaff Meeting: Stilton’s Place
Open Thread Today, Kids!: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

Jay Inslee was re-elected in WA State because of Dominion. I have no doubt the percentages between him and Culp should have been switched. Inslee, this Doctor of death has seen at home deaths rise 25 percent in his State and he has done nothing about it except lay waste to the economy of his State as he "wrestles Covid to the ground".

Anonymous said...

I have run my own business in WA State for 34 years, complied with their onerous Union driven rules and regs and I can tell you now, I regret with all my heart the time I spent here. My business would have been less regulated elsewhere, I could have more easily hired help, and I would show greater reward for my efforts.
Inslee is on a rampage looking for new taxes now, chiefly adding a State income tax, tolls, and more gas taxes. I planned on several more years of work but I've had it, and will be gone in the Spring.