Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: A dozen compelling allegations of voting irregularities in 2020 election

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A dozen compelling allegations of voting irregularities in 2020 election: John Solomon
Election Fraud Update for November 23, 2020: BattleSwarm
The United States of Zuckerberg. How much does it cost to buy the country? $400m: JoNova

Presidential Election Isn’t Over Yet, Conservative Leaders Say: Virginia Allen
Trump scores wins as MI legislature, federal court agree to election reviews: John Solomon
Tucker Carlson: Here's how the Democrats 'rigged' the 2020 election: Daniel Chaitin

Yikes: Hundreds of Bodies Are Sitting in Makeshift Morgues in NYC: Beth Baumann
Killer of 11,000 Nursing Home Patients Calls Wedding "Disrespectful": Daniel Greenfield
Biden national security and foreign policy picks splinter the Left: Naomi Lim

The Trump Legal Team Better Deliver the Bombshell Evidence Fast: EIB
Pre-Packing? Feinstein to step down as top Demo on Senate Judiciary: Haley Victory Smith
Own an AR-15? Biden wants to charge you $200 to keep it: Scoop


Get Ready For A Transition To Regulatory Hell: Bob Barr
The Mayflower Compact and the Roots of Economic Freedom and Private Property: Angela Sailor
John Kerry Would Return as Climate Czar in Biden Administration: Fred Lucas

Scandal Central

Dem GA Senate Candidate Failed To Disclose Ties To Chinese Government-Backed Media Firm: Pulse
Democratic Member Seeks To Disbar Two Dozen Lawyers Challenging Election Results: Jonathan Turley
Editorial: What can President-elect Joe Biden do for Illinois? Keep John Lausch.: Tribune


Mark Levin Educates on Civil Litigation for the Ignorant Talking Heads: Jen Kuznicki
Reap What You Sow: Media Who Coddled Biden for Months Now Complain About Mistreatment: LI
Antiracism Icon Robin DiAngelo Paid More Than Black Woman for Same Job: WFB

Sharyl Attkisson Explains How Traditional Media Abandoned Fact-Based Reporting: Virginia Allen
Apple Head Of Security Charged With Attempted Bribery Over Concealed Carry Gun Licenses: ZH
German Police Raid COVID Lockdown Critic During Livestream of Non-Compliant Thoughts: CTH


Millions in Africa Being Sacrificed to Extreme Poverty, Premature Death on Altar of ‘Green Energy’: Gregory Wrightstone
Netanyahu, Mossad chief fly to Saudi, hold first known meet with crown prince: TOI
For Israel, the new road to peace runs through Mecca: Maajid Nawaz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Trump administration to begin delivering Regeneron COVID treatment on Tuesday: Nathaniel Weixel
New York: Oppression imposed because of almost no COVID-19 deaths: BTB
Qantas CEO: Must Have COVID-19 Vaccine to Fly Internationally, It's a 'Necessity': CNS


The War on Thanksgiving: Jarrett Stepman
Unjust Desserts: Stilton’s Place
Grab a Compass and Pack a Lunch: MOTUS

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