Friday, November 06, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: How Republican-controlled state legislatures can rectify election fraud committed by the courts

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How state legislatures can stop election fraud committed by the courts: Daniel Horowitz
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"And then, suddenly, the counting stopped.": Liz Harrington

We Don't Believe Them: Larry O'Connor
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Chamber of (Chinese) Commerce breaks with GOP who want to open up the economy fully: Nihal Krishan
Virginia Democrat Allegedly Lights Up Caucus Call On Election Performance: Henry Rodgers

Scandal Central

Republicans send criminal referral to DOJ about alleged voter fraud in Nevada: Daniel Chaitin
Levin: Pa. Secretary of State Is Violating This Exact Clause of the Constitution: Lucy Collins
Why Did So Many Dead People Request Absentee Ballots This Election Cycle: Peoples Pundit

USPS Carrier in PA Claims Higher-Ups Instructed Workers to Backdate Ballots: Beth Baumann
Battleground State GOP Sends Thousands of Voter Fraud Cases to the Department of Justice: Beth Baumann
Detroit Absentee Ballot Counting Chaos, Blocked Windows and Observers: Kyle Olson


Key senators demand to know: Did Google manipulate get-out-vote messages?: John Solomon
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Anonymous said...

Folks need to realize that "cheat by mail" though touted in WA State as pure has not allowed Republicans to make any traction, it is always 60% RATS.
Make no mistake, if cheat by mail is allowed to stand in these few remaining blue States America will never recover its Democracy, it will only be what the Blue Diapers say it is.
Get ready for the great "Reset", and the sound of a vacuum in your 401K. If you voted for Biden as a protest against the parody of Trump presented by the non-stop Media, well, damn you. Now, unless Trump prevails in the SC we are headed for a Regency with Overlords, forever. Every sacrifice for our States and Republic was just flushed down the toilet as meaningless. Liberty was just a word.
I'll not wear a mask again, it is the first visible sign of protest.
Rush is wrong if he thinks we'll re-present in 4 years. He'll be dead, and so will be a good number of us thanks to people like Dr. Jay Inslee, Nazi Whitmer, and the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

The Gipper Lives said...

MASSIVE NATIONWIDE ELECTION FRAUD ALERT--Update: This is far beyond registering entire cemeteries, backdating the mail-in ballots in defiance of the Supreme Court or papering over the windows to hide cheating:

Sidney Powell explains to Lou Dobbs The Hammer Program which skims 3% of the votes from President Trump to give to Biden. It didn't just give Biden votes--it stole them from President Trump. This kept the overall count correct.

And the Scorecard algorithm which told the plotters where Biden needed votes and stole them. This program was used in 30 states including those at stake.

Nate Cain: "In 2017 I handed over 450+ pages of documents from the the FBI's database to the HPSCI. Included in those documents was one that identified a common tabulation software by Dominion Voting Systems. It was being integrated into all electronic voting machines. The owner was the former chairman of the George Soros Foundation [Now owned by Clinton's FCC Chair]. I saw the potential for exactly what we are seeing today. An intentionally altered tabulation from the vote count. What was worse was the FBI's assessment that everything was safe. They completely ignored the monopoly by a partisan company to control the tabulation software for almost all electronic voting machines."

Just like Hunter's Laptop from Hell, the FBI had this for years and hid it.

"The fact is whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving."--Pelosi to Mika

They've been planning this for years.

President Trump won in a landslide.