Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Election 2020 Was Rigged: The Evidence

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Election 2020 Was Rigged: The Evidence: GR
Mueller Henchman Weissman: Biden DOJ Should Prosecute Trump: Joshua Caplan
The Smartmatic Story: From Venezuela with No Love: Roger L. Simon

Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020: VPA
Whoa: Just how many ballots were sent to B.S. addresses?: Jen Kuznicki
USA Election 2020 Was Rigged: The Irrefutable Evidence: Patrick Byrne

By Every Legal Means Necessary: Conrad Black
MI A.G. Dana Nessel Threatens to Prosecute Those Alleging Voter Fraud: Turley
Flashback: Attorney General Dana Nessel must not weaponize her office: Robert J. Muise

Who Are We Now?: Deeper Thought
Biden Will Move To Give Citizenship To Millions Of Illegal Aliens: Ryan Saavedra
'Uphill battle': Trump Pennsylvania lawsuit socked by election certification: Zachary Halaschak

Fighting Words: David Horowitz
The Return of Obama–Biden Energy Cronyism : Andrew Langer
Dow Jones Industrial Average Surpasses 30,000: OAN

Scandal Central

FBI Buried Hunter Biden Laptop: Lee Smith
The Unmasking of Gen. Flynn & The Presidential Transition: JW
Sidney Powell Discusses Status of Election Lawsuits and Investigations With Lou Dobbs: CTH


Study: Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories 'Stole This Election' for Joe Biden: Tyler O’Neil
Paul Ryan Declares U.S. Election ‘Over' in Euro Banking Conference Talk: Joshua Caplan
Historian to Levin: Left More Interested in Changing Policy Procedure Than Policy Itself: Alexander Watson

Matt Drudge Logs Off: Armin Rosen
The Federalist Publisher’s Tweet Violated Labor Law, NLRB Rules: Bloomberg Law
After Years Of Complaining About A Trump-Fox News Revolving Door, CNN, MSNBC Analysts Heading To Biden Administration: Ashe Schow


Biden's picks for Cabinet signal that days of 'America First' are over: Charissa Yong
Biden Taps Staffer Who Said Suicide Bombings Were ‘Last Resort’ for Palestinians: Alex Nester
Mattis Hopes Biden Won’t Put America First: Robert Spencer

In Space Program Push, China Launches Moon Probe: Jack Beyrer
China Proposes Global 'Track and Trace' System for Travel Reset: Simon Kent
156 UN nations affirm West Bank settlements, east Jerusalem not Israel: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Lockdowns Not Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates, New Study Finds: FEE
Trump spy chief seeks SEC scrutiny of Chinese dominance in cryptocurrency: Jerry Dunleavy
The Great American Outdoors Act: Charles Rotter


Archaeologist Claims to Have Found The Home Where Jesus Christ Spent His Early Days in Nazareth: Max Gorbachev
Treehouse 2.0 – Migrating Site After Deplatforming by WordPress/Automattic…: CTH
It’s Chinatown: MOTUS


elmo said...

How do you grieve for the death of a Nation? What do you do, when America actually dies.

When "fiction" (Hans Fallada), becomes reality. When evil takes human form, and proves its own existence.

Give up? Go away. Run and hide in silence?


Each of you, must decide for yourselves. What you CAN do? What you might possibly be able to accomplish. Within the scope of your ability and skill set.

Devise your own path. For how you are going to continue to battle evil.


Millions of American casualties. In war. To protect the Constitution, freedom, and liberty.

Hundreds of thousands, gave their all. In service to same. Without a second thought.

Do not kneel before the dark l*rd.



Now. With all your might. With everything you have. With every ounce of your fiber.

In another week or two. Lady Liberty, will be laid to rest. Buried under six feet of dirt.

If you do nothing? You are pissing on the graves of those who gave their last full measure.

Tito Edwards said...

I'm happy to have stumbled across this blog.

I hope you find The worthy enough to be placed on your blogroll.

Tito Edwards

Anonymous said...

PA Legislature hearings. Giuliani is not the idiot Tucker wants him to be:

Anonymous said...

I raised pups and trained them to hunt Democrats in 2012. Now 8 years later they still have the vitality to get the job done. Release the Crackling, it's what they have been trained to hear. Sic'em Willard!

Anonymous said...

ICE should be working everyday from now until January 21st to deport every illegal alien/resident in the United States, so there isn’t anyone eligible for the granting of citizenship.

And recind anyone waiting outside the United States for their court case for amnesty,


Deserttrek said...

Like it took a genius to figure that?

commoncents said...

LIVE STREAMING - EarthCam Live: 2020 Thanksgiving Parade in 5G

Anonymous said...

I am leary of anyone who speaks as if the Presidential election is already settled.