Saturday, November 28, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Statewide 2020 Election Results

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PA State Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Statewide 2020 Election Results: CTH
Renowned Cyber-Crimes Expert Concludes 2020 Election Results Were Fraudulent: CTH
AZ Legislature Schedules 11/30 Public Hearing For Evidence in Election Fraud: CTH

Sidney Powell Launches Election Lawsuits In Mich. And Ga.: OAN
Superficial thoughts about the US Constitution: Maggie’s Farm
Poll: Two-Thirds of Nation Back Trump on Recounts: NewsMax

Keith Olbermann says out loud what the fascist left is thinking: Thomas Lifson
LANDBACK campaign vandalizes statues in “national decolonial day of action“: Jenny Mount
The Great Progressive Betrayal: Bethany Mandel

What a Biden Administration Means for Border Security: Chris Farrell
Anti-illegal immigrant crusaders face a Biden policy shop of horrors: W. James Antle III
Obama’s Reason to Hate: Lloyd Billingsley


Trevor Loudon: China Tied to Election Push; the Global Socialist Agenda: Joshua Philipp
Why Is the Palestinian Authority Donating to U.S. Universities?: Mitchell Bard
A plea for help as China loses jobs to Vietnam: Frank Chen

Scandal Central

Voter Fraud – First of Three: Did The Dead Vote In Pennsylvania?: And Magazine
Voter Fraud – Second Of Three: More Dead Voters In Pennsylvania: And Magazine
PA State Judge Upholds Halt To Certification, Mail-In Balloting Procedures Likely Violate PA Constitution: LI

Carter Page Sues DOJ, FBI, James Comey, And Others Behind FISA Abuse: Margot Cleveland
Sen. Cotton: Biden’s DHS pick “disqualified” for “selling Green Cards to, democrat donors”: LI
The Great Reset: If Only It Were Just a Conspiracy: Andrew Stuttaford


Twitter Says GOP State Senator Doug Mastriano's Account Suspended In 'Error': James Walker, Newsweek
Mark Levin interviews Sharyl Attkisson about the sorry state of the news media: Sharyl Attkisson
Twitter Blocks 'Potentially Harmful' Links to Sidney Powell Election Lawsuit: Lucas Nolan

Jordan Peterson: how the left manufactured a folk devil: Andrew Doyle, Spiked
Natan Sharansky and the Meaning of Freedom: Matthew Continetti
The Media’s Nauseating Love Fest Is Back : Katie Pavlich


US affirms 'Taiwan's freedom and independence' despite China's sovereignty claims: Joel Gehrke
Ex-CIA Director Brennan's bizarre condemnation of killing of Iranian scientist sparks criticism: Libby Emmons
Chinese doctors jailed for illegally harvesting organs of accident victims: Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. Deleted: Instapundit
Trump says coronavirus vaccine deliveries will start next week: Fox
The space weather experts who give the go-ahead on when to launch and avoid disaster: Examiner


The Colin Kaepernick spectacle needs to end now: Peter Heck
AOC Unplucked: Earl of Taint
Epidemiology, Statistics: Truthiness For Our Time: MOTUS
QOTD: “We are pleased that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will be convening hearings to examine the November 3rd presidential election,” Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis.


The Gipper Lives said...

Brennan was Station Chief when the Iranians somehow successfully bombed Khobar Towers right under his nose, killing our airmen. But he's not mourning them today--just the top Iranian bomb-maker.

In 2008, private citizen Brennan broke into the State Dept's computers 3 times to access Obama’s birth certificate. Eventually that was parlayed into a Directorship. As soon as Obama was safely reelected, Obama dropped all pretense and began working full time to give power, money, influence, anti-aircraft systems, uranium and nukes to the Ayatollah. This is the main reason Obama ran for president in the first place. Brennan was installed as CIA Director at this time.

They took out Khaddaffi and Mubarak and tried to take out Assad with their CIA-trained ISIL army. These countries were to be gifts to the Ayatollah, establishing a Shia-led Caliphate from Tehran to Tripoli and Washington to Waziristan.

Brennan even broke into the Senate’s computers and threatened to jail Feinstein’s staffers when they said something. And that’s how he treats his FRIENDS!

He now lectures us on Separation of Powers and "kakistocracies" while his public pronouncements are indistinguishable from the Iranian Foreign Ministry's.

elmo said...

At Gipper ... Evil is here. Evil is among us. The Real Thing.

Many of the people on the Right, too many. Are unable to wrap their minds around the reality. And the need to act accordingly. And in the SAME manner. In order to defeat them.

And I'm confident, that should Obama's third term begin, on January 20th?

That the deranged lunatic, Taco Bell Supreme, John Roberts. Will continue to carry ALL of Obama's water.

I'm certain Obama has the goods, on Roberts. Something, that if it came to light?

Would be Robert's last day on the Court.